Monday, 21 July 2014


Finally saying bye to bangs, after a good 17 years or so.
Time for a fresh change ;) 

Just gotta get over the initial annoying phase of growing it out to a decent length..

Also spent a good hour and so clearing my makeup stash the other day.

Found some items i loved alot in the past but forgot about, and some brand new ones which im afraid i realized don't suit me so those are going up for sale! 

Rekindled my love for Urban Decay's Naked Palette 1, after neglecting it for version 3 in recent months!
Im using it in all the photos here! (pardon lousy iphone quality)

On a side note my skin condition has really improved after i changed my skincare routine and spent more effort in maintaining it:)
 I guess the saying "There's no ugly person in the world, only lazy ones!" is true to some extent :x

Till the next;

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