Saturday, 3 May 2014


// p r e //


 “Tears, idle tears, I know not what they mean,
Tears from the depths of some devine despair
Rise in the heart, and gather to the eyes,
In looking on the happy autumn fields,
And thinking of the days that are no more.” 
-Alfred Tennyson

// m a i n //

hello everyone:) so sometime back i had an outing to NUS' open house with my dearest goons from LFC:) We haven't had a proper outing in so long and though it wasn't full attendance this time, im really glad we YOLO-ed and just went on this impromptu trip though exams were in one week:) Its the little carefree trips like this that are the best:)

My only pair of flat flats (if you get what i mean), couldn't resist the gorgeous sparkly embellishments!

hahahha this seah so goon as usual XD

HAHAHA too epic for captions!!

Took an OTD there as well hehe.

Scoop-back Tank from Twistpolka
Sparrow Skirt from ASOS
Shoes from C&K

 Review(ASOS): Got this from ASOS when i was trying to shop for faculty outing clothes!:) Made of stretchy cotton blend:) Its elasticized at the waist, light and soft to the touch:) A very comfy piece! I got this in UK6 and i think it fits true, though elasticized it may be too small for big UK8 and above! The sparrow print on the navy base is really pretty:) But the sparrow design is printed on, not sewn on so im not sure if it'll fade after a few washes! But as of now its still as good as new:) A good casual piece imo, easy to pair and quite fail proof!:)

Aft stoning at the grass patch we continued exploring the campus:)) Or more like we followed the smell of popcorn HAHA

YAY my fav minion ^_^

Me, seah and mui headed down to KAP for lunch afterwards:) It was the day before KAP officially closed and there were so many people! I have never queued SO LONG just to buy macs haha, 45 minutes to be exact. But i guess everyone just wanted to relive their memories one last time before this place closed down. It really holds alot of memories, esp students, even those generations and generations back. What i can say is that at the rate the older buildings are being demolished, by the time people my age grow up, there won't be anything to identify with anymore. 

Our very last meal at KAP >< and this seah still looking so happy zzz ._.

And of course we had to take pictures for keepsake :) 

 Me and seah used to sit on this flight of steps and eat sushi and just yolo our lives away back in sec1:) sigh, the good old times>< 
goodbye kap! you'll be dearly missed!!

The next day was good food day with seah haha xD 
I brought her to Saveur for lunch before tuition:) 

Saveur's Pasta <3
goon seah looking spastic as usual hahaha

Mushroom Cappuccino (not bad but i would say there are better ones around!)

totally bare faced + super cui but happy cos i really love saveur!!^^

This never disappoints me hehe :)

We ordered dessert to share as well cos we're gluttons! :x

Chocolate and Berries Mousse
This was really yums as well! I loved the smooth consistency of the mousse and it was rly flavourful:) Seah loved the mixture of chocolate and berries cos she said the slight sourness of the berries went very nicely with the chocolate haha.The portion is quite big and it may get abit sweet after awhile so this is good for sharing:) Nonetheless i really enjoyed this as well!:)

It was a good meal hehe. I've been to Saveur two times so far and it hasn't failed me!! In fact im craving for it now haha:) Definitely recommended cos its good + not pricey for its venue/quality/everything!! ^_^ Go try it everyone:))

Okay and erm random much but.....ending off with pictures of Scrump (from Lilo & Stitch) cos its so cute!!!



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