Saturday, 31 May 2014

Peony Bloom

// p r e //

// m a i n //

Ombre Dress from L&E
Shoes from H&M

Review: Im not really super into the ombre trend but this piece is too pretty to resist!!:) I love how the peach pink blends and fades into a rose pink, really gorgeous in real life! Its made of lightweight smooth chiffon polyester mix with inner lining so its non sheer. The measurements fit me quite well though i felt that the cutting at the bottom half can be more flared, just a personal preference though:) Overall a really pretty item to own!:)

On a random note, im super loving this new stationary shop, The Paper Stone!
My pri sch bestie bought and deco-ed a notebook she got from there and i really really really love it! (its the blue one in the middle!) She knows my taste well haha, that shade of blue, G O R G E O U S!
Anyways i liked it so much that i went there to get a few others of diff designs, can't wait to personalize it soon!<3

so yes, sometime back my choristor batchmates held a surprise bday celebration for our dearest fatty, YS! Even the cake we got her is a pig cake haha, too cute!!

& of cos, the bday girl gets some "love" from all of us ;D

oversized helium balloon, just cos haha:)
yay love this mini batch photo<3 we look so colourful no?:)

haha such a cute photo of tenn and veggie! the height difference is... XD

AWW one of my fav pics of the day!! i ship this pair so much<3

much love from us hehe

& we made YS wear her bday present on the spot haha, TOO CUTE!! Its a totoro jumpsuit!!

i need more simple days like these,
a much needed breather from the suffocating academic rigour.
Hope everyone manage to find some simple joys in every little thing:)

Till the next;

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