Friday, 16 May 2014

January's Joys

/ / m a i n / /

Visuals from January, sorry its 4 months late i know im horrible... T^T 

Mainly visuals from school life!

Open house;

Brunch with nikks at Choupinette after extra bio lecture on a Saturday.
The eggs benny is good ;)

Quiche! Not bad as well:)

Celebrating burden tiah's bday~

As usual we got photobombed -_-

Ms Tina conveniently walks past and photobomb, then she didnt want to take a proper pic with us lol!!
Some international conference thing held in school, we took pics with the french delegates hehe.

This yuanrong being a burden lol!!
Some event we had in Jan that we had to wear costumes for so... take pics!!
My fav sops hehe.

Bus buddies!
RioHC girlies <3
Celebrating my fav goon's bday! I stayed up till 3am to do this photoframe thingy for her cos i know she loves handmade stuff like these!
That face LOL!!
Act cute
LFC celebrates goon seah's bday :))
CNY celebrations in school! RioHC batch 13/14/15:)
YY happily polishing off the Yu Sheng haha!
Selfies with miss tina is always a delight ;)
74's Lao Yu Sheng session!!
Mini class pic with the gorgeous horse backdrop painstakingly painted by council:) Pictures don't do it justice, its so gorgeous in real life:)

What we do best.. ;)

Choir's performance from top view:)
Random breakfast day with free teh bing from Ms Tina ^^

Jan was awesome, yes it was :) 
Feb/March/April/May's visuals will be up soon... :x

Till the next;

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