Sunday, 11 May 2014

One Last Promise

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Curls done by Joyce of Salon Vim! I'll be doing a more detailed post about that soon!

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HVV Jalouse Classic Top in Magenta, XS
HVV Isla Foliage Skirt in Purple, S

Got some emails asking for reviews of both items after posting this on instagram so here it is!:)

Review(Top): Made of thick semi structured cotton mix, i would say quality for this is pretty good! But for our weather it may be a little bit heat trapping :x The strappy neckline details and sweetheart neckline is really gorgeous! Adds dimension to an otherwise simple top. Oh and bonus! The straps are adjustable, which is really rare for these kind of tops:)! I love the unique shade of magenta as well, colour is more or less true to the upclose picture:) I took XS for this and it fits well, esp at the ptp and waist:) So if you're a UK4/6 for tops XS will be good for you:) I would say this is a really worth it piece considering all factors!:)

Review(Bottom): Im mad over pretty prints recently so when i saw this i knew i had to get it!:) The iridescence blend of lilac, light blue and purple is super pretty in real life:) Or you can just refer to the upclose for a good gauge! Other than the prints, it also features underlying floral embossments which makes it even more unique:) This features pleats as well and the flared cut is flattering for all:) Another worthy piece in my opinion!


So yes we were there at the venue reaaaally early cos performers had a dry run prac before the actual thing! And since we were early... might as well take photos first! Plus the lighting was wonderful;) 

The guys' shot with the gorgeous banner! I like how they arranged themselves according to height HAHA xD Oh and can you believe this super detailed banner was done within 3 days?:O Ares fac comm is so efficient haha!

And then me and rach tried to go for a mod feel for this shot..

and then we tried a emo girl band look but as you can see its quite fail XD

Yay a girls' shot ;) Ares/Athena's sopranos and altos hehe.

And finally a full grp photo!!

Fun shot haha! Look at how everyone is bullying veggie (caijie) XD So poor thing aiyo

And here's one with yiyang who was totally a "flower" boy that day, he fit the theme really well cos yes everyone was supposed to dress in florals!
And here's a silly shot with yy and swee XD Someone asked me to caption this "You can call me queen bee" cos the song i was solo-ing for was Royals by Lorde and thats part of the lyrics!
Best minions ever hahaha
We really just took the opportunity to spam pics cos no one was around yet^^
I like how the erratic weather (drought then lots of crazy rain) actually made alot of flowers bloom super prettily throughout spore! Makes picture taking so much nicer hehe. 
Here's my fav soppies!! We look so prim and proper here hahaha (fake one tho, we're actually a crazy bunch!!)
Candid shots hehe
Photobomb by ballerinas yang and swee hahahaha

Selfie time! 
yy keeps saying his eyes don't even look like its open haha!!

dearest SL rach!

yunmei my talk-about-anything-under-the-sun buddy!! So glad you joined RioHC and not gym cos life in choir wouldn't be the same without you!!:) 

More candids of my cute batchmates and juniors!! 
Look at rach she's like "im walking on sunshine :DD"
and then raymond's like "omg im fabulous." hahahaha

and then you have joshua and veggie staring intently into each other's eyes bromance much?!?!
and RioHC's cutest vice pres on earth photobombing at the back XD
gotta love tenn's poker face and the photobombers at the back hahaha
As in this photo is SO NICE but can you just look at how horrible tenn did a troll face and spoiled the photo lolol!!!
okay finally a proper one<3!! RioHC's Aresians and Athenians ^^

And i took some photos for my juniors too! They're so cute right:))

& finally Ares faculty outing PROMISE officially starts!!
Of course have to take class photo with my 74-ers ;) and ms lee my econs teacher who is also an Ares teacher:)
yay solo pic with my fav econs teacher in the world<3

& performances start!!:)
Watch our performance video if you like!:) We performed an acapella version of Titanium, Royals and Pompeii;) Oh but you'll have to be my friend on facebook to view the video i think!

And the juniors did great as well!! Im a fan hehe.

selfies with chay<3

Nikks my cafe hopping buddy!<3

As in my camera got kidnapped by these two goons hahaha and this happens -___-

Finally a super pretty shot with my fav LFC :)))

My fav people in the world :')
and here's one with daniel!

took a last grp pic before we went home:) Thank you juniors for supporting our performance you guys are the best ^^
Oh yes and one reason why i LOVE Ares FOs... the super duper awesome photobooth by One Eye Click!! The quality of the photos they print out (instantaneously!) is really good!! And they upload the HD soft copies onto their facebook page within a day of the event ;) I'd highly recommend them if you're looking for photobooth providers for any events!:)

Aww family photo with LFC :))
Riohc girls!<3

And then... we tried to squeeze our whole batch into the photobooth HAHA. It was rly tough but the photos turned out damn hilarious!!

The guys are so cray hahaha XD

& photobooth with my 74-ers!!
Omg Chongsin steals the focus of this pic i seriously died laughing when i saw this!!! He looks like harry potter hahahhaha!!

And then sng just looks dumbfounded in every single pic i swear hahahah
thats it im out of pics:) Thank you Ares Fac Comm for the wonderful event that really brings people together:) Good food, good music, good ambience and of course, the best people ever. 
It was a fulfilled promise indeed.

And to end off this post, here's a sponsored review/advertorial for Covet Runway!;)

SPONSORED: Sky Blue Slit Cut Skirt from Covet Runway 


Covet Runway has a good variety of apparels, be it dresses, bottoms or tops! Their designs also cater to a wide variety of styles in my opinion, they have monochrome for those who prefer simplistic chic, pastels for the those who are more feminine and also prints for the more vibrant ones!

I chose this pastel blue maxi skirt and i definitely don't regret my choice;) This pretty piece is elasticized at the waist to fit a range of sizes and its made of lightweight chiffon so it flows with the wind when you walk, so apt! I like that it has a slit up the hemline as well, adds a unique touch don't you think?:) It has inner lining till a few inches above the knees so you don't have to worry about it being sheer! Only the bottom half is sheer so it adds dimension;) Oh btw i think this skirt im featuring is sold out already at the moment! But it comes in two other colours so do check it out!;)

Do follow them on instagram and like them on facebook for more updates!

Thank you Covetrunway for sending me this gorgeous piece again! ;)

Till the next;

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