Friday, 27 September 2013

Imari Fleur

Weekend spent with good company X fav food.
Not much words for this post really, sorry! Not much time for updates nowadays, at least till exams are over >< Oh and this is very overdue, do pardon!

Kuro Kin is found at Bukit Timah, Turf Club.
Prices are slightly steeper for Ala Carte, but the lunch set menu is pretty worth it.
Food there is great so do give it a try.
Sporting a random side fringe cos its too long to be put down as bangs. Every now and then i'll be in a dilemma, whether to go back to side fringe or keep bangs. @.@

 Going for a very clean simple look with taupe, warm shimmer pink shadows blended together:) And filling in of brows, curled lashes, tadah, done in 5 mins!
Colours from Urban Decay Palette.

Some outfit shots taken in the garden:)

I'm sporting the ombre trend unintentionally;
the tan line at the base of my legs... ombre effect no??

& then it was a carefree evening spent lazing around in the garden before dinner with my relatives:)

fatzz being all spastic

then act cute lolol

Looking super tired here... cos i am >< The eyebags show everything :(

HVV Imari Embellished Dress in White, XS
Review: I really love LWDs (little white dresses, not black haha), can never ever have enough of them! Like really at least 1/3 of my wardrobe is made of white dresses haha. This one is one of my favs! White + fleur + embellishments= major love! :) I got to say this is definitely my fav buy from HVV thus far after many years of patronizing them. For about 35 this dress is of superb quality and the design and workmanship is fantastic :) The silver linings and embellishments are sewn on tightly and the patterns and colour complement the white chiffon portion very well. It has a slight capped sleeve design for a classier look. Oh and there are subtle pleats as well:) Overall no complaints at all for this dress! It really is a good buy to me, it looks like something you can get at miss selfridge/topshop but really at a fraction of the price!:)

& thats all for the really short update! Will post longer ones soon after my exams which is in... less than a week. Sigh. Hope all goes well -crosses fingers-
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