Friday, 6 September 2013

Mirabelle Gardens

Austria Day 3; Mirabelle Gardens

So on the third day we visited the famous Mirabelle Gardens where the sound of music was filmed:) Our local guide made us sing doremi here hahaha. I actually think this place is so much more beautiful in spring and summer. I was there the prev year for choir trip during spring/summer and there were so many colourful flowers, super pretty. Quite a different sight from the dreary winters. I mean winter has its beautiful aspect as well but gardens in winter are just meh.

And at the back you can see the highest building high up above the rest! Its actually a fortress which was there since hundreds of years ago, talk bout long history haha.

Beautiful houses and river. Seriously everything is so beautiful there:)

On the bridge we saw alot of these locks! Apparently its a wishing ground for lovers to pray for everlasting love:) Obviously I didn't have anyone to pray with hahaha. #foreveraloneeee

And then we walked past this zebra crossing and line of shops which was deja vu again for me! NYChoir walked past this exact spot 2 years ago!!:) Aww i still remember the good times.
& then we moved on to the central plaza/shopping ares for a break and lunch! See this cool vintage/antique shop symbol?:) In the past they didnt have modern signboards so they used these metal signboards which were hanging from the top. Each shop's metal signboard was so intricate, i can't believe even a signboard here is more intricate than our hdb lol.

Oh yes, Mozart was born in this area:) There is actually a mozart museum here but the tour guide didnt bring us there. I visited it 2 year ago though! It had like mozart's bed and err tables and stuff. Basically his furniture and abit of info about his stay here in the past:)

We saw this ultimate fluffball hehehe uber cute!

Swarovski Museum was up next! Oh yeah there's alot of swarovski shops in this area, they even have a swarovski museum lol!

Aww this pic is so nice:) It was snowing after we came out of the museum and the cam happened to capture it so nicely!
Giant accordion which actually played music, one of my fav exhibits:) Oh and it was studded with lotsa swarovski crystals but you guys cant see it in the pictures><

Lookie my cam can capture the drifting snowflakes ^_^ And im wearing my bro's hat cos he doesn't like it lolol

Thats for Day 3!

Time to slot in a random review cos i have no other post to put it :x

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Pardon my jutting bone -_-

Review: I can never get enough of crop tops, they do wonders for my petite frame:) I usually pair highwaist skirts/shorts with crop tops for a taller frame and more defined silhouette at the waist. I love the addison crop top:) Its made of chiffon, somewhat double layered so its kinda not sheer but cooling at the same time. Spore is too hot nowadays so i think i'll be wearing this out pretty often. The heart shaped cut out at the back makes it more unique, the front looks like a normal basic crop top but the back detail gives it an element of surprise:) I got this in indigo as well, will review it when i've worn it out:) A good buy overall but it'll be even better if its more pocket friendly since the material used to make this is relatively a lot lesser than other normal lb apparels!
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