Friday, 20 September 2013

Porcelain Doll

Hello!!How have you guys been?:)

Recently in the prev few months or so i have been going for hair treatments religiously, and at a few different salons as well to see which one really works the best. So far i've tried Salon Vim (bugis), Shunji Matsuo (313) and Essensuals (bugis). Will do a more detailed review for each place soon!

Here are some pics taken after a trip to salon vim!

Blown dry curls by my stylist Joyce!

Stopped by F21 to check out their accessories section cos im on a earring craze recently, wy also! We went abit crazy at F21's accessory section the other time during our USS outing ahahah

Thank you joyce for letting me have a good hair day for once hahaha! 
I usually wake up with my hair sticking all over the place, it is un-tamable lolol.

Couldn't resist stopping by cold storage cos i saw that they had a promo for meiji chocs! I love meiji chocolates ^^ They help me survive during lectures and tutorials!
Picked up ritter sport as well, my family loves them:) 
Oh and this cornflakes one is super yums! My fav out of the ritter sport series:)

Loots from Skin Food, my new fav brand:) Stocked up on products there cos my stocks are depleting.. haven't had the time to visit TANGS and stuff:/
Free gift set, Fresh Apple Sparkling Series:)
Steam Milk Bubble Mask
(For deep cleansing, softens and moisturizes as well.)
I quite like this product, it really does leave your skin bouncy and soft after usage:)
Agave Cactus Primer
(Makeup primer. To prevent clogging of pores by makeup)
I don't use this often since i rarely wear makeup nowadays, but a primer is a must in preventing clogging of pores! Don't simply apply BB cream/foundation without a primer cos it might clog your pores and lead to breakouts!
Watery Berry Ampoule 
(Somewhat like a serum, adds extra moisture!)
A little bit sticky for my liking but moisturizes well.
My fav fav fav product of the lot! 
Watery Berry Toner<3
(The scent is AMAZING, it moisturizes well, non sticky at all and leaves you feeling refreshed!
Really super love this product hehe. My fav toner ever:)
Samples given by the generous sales assistant:)
Here's how the Apple Sparkling set looks like! Comes with toner, pore base, ampoule etc.
Not forgetting..
SaturdayClub Border Print Dress in XS

Review: A very outdated review cos i had to wait for restocks, but i really love the prints on this dress! Its aztec based and very intricately and finely printed. Blue printed on a white base, gives off a china porcelain feel. Material is cotton i think, very lightweight, cooling but def of good quality. The straps are adjustable and length is just nice for me. Ptp and waist measurements fit nicely too, took XS for this btw! Overall a very worth it buy at about 33 with complimentary courier service.

Me and wy's personal fav, yoona!

Too pretty *_*

She can carry off swag style as well, oh gosh.

I really wonder how koreans work the 'eyebag' trend... they can actually make eyebags look good what sorcery is this!! Any kinds of eyebag on me imo is just... meh. Horrible :/

yoona's too cute here!
and im out of pics!!
Till the next;


  1. hi, where did u get the white bag? :) thanks!

    1. hey there!:) Its actually a lilac coloured bag, from Samantha Vega at Isetan Wisma Atria:) Not sure if its still available though!

  2. Replies
    1. hehe yups!! i got super alot more pretty ones but neh put everything cos too many alr hehe ^_^