Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Bring me back to New Zealand

3:03am. Its getting later and later, i think im getting used to this being a night owl thing. 
Feeling quite productive today, managed to finish my arenes quiz, bio practical, differentiation tutorial and somewhat half of integration tutorial. It feels great to be focused and actually stay on task, something i need to master definitely.
Just a few hours ago at 6pm i was so tired i literally crashed. So far i've crashed a few times before but today's was the worst so far.
I set the alarm for 7.45pm but apparently i wouldn't wake up or rather, couldn't, no matter how many times it rang. This is the first time this happened. 
I finally understand how one can be so tired that nothing seems to stand between your physical and mental fatigue, and dreamland. It probably helped that i was in the midst of a super intense dream as well. 
Not much appetite for dinner cos it was 9.45 when i woke up, luckily i woke up at a reasonable time though, there was once i woke up at 12am lol and then everything was pretty screwed up and i was like, oh heck it im just going back to sleep -_-

okay sorry im crapping again haha. 

Just a thought that has been repeatedly whirling in my mind.
My family loves traveling so i've actually been to quite a few places since young, but because i was young i don't remember much from those times.
It must be quite memorable if i actually remember it. 

And one of those i actually remember is of New Zealand. Till date its still one of my fav trips ever.
My parents chose a side of New Zealand with so much nature, greenery and grassy plains, with animals and those lovely cottage-like houses i absolutely adore.
Daddy managed to find a nice elderly couple who owns a farm and takes in visitors. 
It was such a cozy feeling, a totally new experience.
We had breakfast with fresh milk and cereal, those kind we'll never find in singapore.
My big bro and I were wearing our sweatshirts and exploring the farm soon after.
It was super breezy and the wind was blowing strongly against our cheeks. 
But the view was superb and the whole feeling of being there was so calming and i loved it.
There were a lot of sheeps on the plains, and in the barn our host sheared a sheep and we were watching in awe. Wool actually doesn't look too nice when freshly sheared btw haha.
And then after braving the cold we'll go back into the house where there are super awesome heaters.
Its really random but one of my fav things was the heater xD I'd sit in front of it for hours just warming my hand and sticking my toes up, feeling all toasty and warm.
I'd just sit there on the carpet and look out of the glass window, where i can see the snow.
I really like the feeling of being in a cold country and looking at the snow, but at the same time staying in the house where the warm heaters are and just drink some hot chocolate while watching the view.
Its a different kind of travel, different from the usual viewing of scenery and shopping and taking of touristy shots. 

Of course every country and every trip has its own magic. Sometimes its nice to visit cities and soak up the upbeat vibes, but give me a country trip to grassy fields of gold and those cottages i swear i'm gonna live in one day and it'd be perfect.

Its always good to have dreams. I'm keeping my country dream for now, and a long time to come.

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