Friday, 13 September 2013


Hello hello! some updates as usual:)

Happenings in school;
Ms Koh (our temporary econs tch) going bk to NIE! Last class photo with her:(
[omg this is so late that she's now back as a full time tch alr hahaha, congrats ms koh!!]
Mel and daniel, oh so cute.
Everyone GG-ing in math lecture... except xinci hahahaha

Random class outing for Fac Outing clothes shopping!
Here we are on the bus...
taking really really silly pictures :x

Omg yy and yumei's face...

Eleanor:" stahpppp"
Pingz: " O^O
JONNY: -act cute-

pingz you odd one out leh!

This i tell you... is one of the hundreds oh yy selcas that he took using my phone ._. he did gwiyomi in an.. interesting manner lol! Photos cannot be shown._. Show yall one only. And this one is the most normal looking one!!

Hehe my PW groupmates!


One of my fav fashion bloggers, chloe from aussie! She's super pretty right :) & i like that she can pull off like any kind of outfit! Like for me i can't really adapt to street style/ edgy, but i shall work on that:) Take her as inspiration hehe

You can check out her fashion posts at if i remembered correctly!


Finally had a proper outing with nics:) this person super busy one... so im lucky i managed to kope her on one of the june hols for movie + catching up!

TSR Rosebud Dress

Review: Bought this from TSR's rack during the miyoc event at jcube! Retailed at 33 i think, it was love at first sight for this dress really. I usually don't wear items with mesh cos i think its even too girly for me but this one was subtle and complemented the dress perfectly. I like the intricately sewn on rosebuds, it really looks very nice upclose. Length is perfect for me, cutting is flared and material is good. Would have been perfect if i hadn't taken the wrong size (out of excitement). -_- Took M which is too big for me at the waist and ptp but nothing a belt can't solve. Overall... super good buy! Though the sizing is off but i really do love the design:)

A rare good skin day:)

I like going light on makeup nowadays. Main purpose is for sun protection only actually :x so i just use tinted moisturizer usually for some SPF.

Upclose of the pretty rosebuds!

 Met up with nics at plaza sing:)

We watched "Now You See Me"! 
I was actually super skeptical about watching it at first cos i had no idea what it was about and nics was like, "lets just watch it alot of ppl say its good~" But yup im glad we watched it in the end!
nuff said. Easily my fav + the best one i've watched this year:) The twists in the story was epic, the effects and storyline was really refreshing as well. Loved it:)
and omg i didn't know the female lead was Isla Fisher until i actually googled this pic :x she looked so diff from the confessions of a shopaholic series!

After movie we settled for Nana's Green Tea! The desserts tempted us in basically haha. 
Level 3, Plaza Singapura

Started taking silly pictures lolol, but its like just me cos nics is so glam here
nah, she couldn't resist joining in after awhile

Our matcha parfait arrived!! We both loved it:) It comes with green tea ice cream, cornflakes in the middle, vanilla ice cream, red beans, mochi and green tea jelly at the bottom! Super yums:)
Priced at about $12! Good for two person to share:)
Our mains! We both ordered the same thing lolol, Salmon Chirashi! Had this super big craving for salmon. 
This one is yummy and they are generous with the salmon servings, recommended! Comes with complimentary miso soup:) Priced at 14.8, i thought it was quite worth it cos the serving is big.
We missed out on the lunch promo which is super worth it (13.8 for main dish + dessert), so if you visit them during lunch hours that'll be good!:) 
"you take finish pic alr anot i want to eatttt"

After that we went shopping at daiso hahah, and bought these matching fluffy earmuffs!
We were like talking about year end holidays and turns out that we r both prob going japan! So i was like, "nics lets arrange same flight LOL then we wear the earmuffs tgt hahahaa"

kays that was a pretty long post:)
xoxo; till then!


  1. ehhhh what do you mean some photos cannot be shown i think i am pretty cool HAHA

    1. Hoi please yy i'm protecting your reputation hahahahhahaa zhen shi de XD