Friday, 11 October 2013

Mid Autumn

Exams are FINALLY OVER, months of hell finally over. No matter what the results are... i dont want to bother anymore. Time to pop the confetti!!!
[backdated] So on a rare weekday before term 3 ended me and nikks decided to treat ourselves to some good food to mark the end of term! As in, to celebrate our successful survival of the hectic term haha. We decided on Hatched at Holland V since its just 2 mrt stops away from school plus i reaaally was craving some eggs benedict!
The interior of Hatched is so so cute hahahah, the old school blackboard with cute egg mascots, the salt and pepper shaker in the shape of eggs, and everything la:) The ambience was really nice:)
Nikks ordered their bestseller the Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise sauce while i ordered mine with Rosti!
We shared half half though, and i would say that the bestseller is a bestseller for a reason haha. I liked the combination of the eggs with the ham and english muffin. It was really filling though! And the mashed potato is really quite unique, they added in something else which idk what, but it tastes awesome haha. Oh and i couldn't really taste the hollandaise sauce idk why :x maybe its just me. Mine on the other hand fared less well, the vinaigrette sauce from the salad soaked the rosti abit and made it taste weird :x the eggs were fine though! I would say Marche's rosti still wins, hands down:)

Here we are looking damn cui after a long day at school, plus it was the end of the week so.. gg max!!

Overall Hatched is a nice place to chill with the cosy ambience, food wise i wouldn't say its absolutely fantastic cos i had really high expectations for the eggs benedict after seeing so so many reviews and raves about it. As in, it may not be the place but the dish itself wasn't all worth the hype to me haha, maybe its just not my thing! But it was a good dinner:) Good company, good way to destress haha.
Next up, one of the big events of the year in school, MAF! (Mid autumn festival!)
All prepared and ready to go!!

Its a long tradition since many years back, the councillors basically plan EVERYTHING and i think they really really deserve all the credit and applause for making everything a success!! Its not easy at all i can tell you, all these gigantic lanterns, the water fountain, pretty banner for photo taking, everything was painstakingly done from scratch by my school's capable councillors;) I don't know how they do it but its amazing;) I mean look they even made the handmade giant lanterns light up so prettily, prob had to connect tons of wires and create some electrical circuit on their own!

Here's the councillor's dance performance! I took a pic cos silly seah was in it bwahahahhaa

See the one in first column second row!! Seah full of swag!!

#SODACHE; aka song, dance, cheer!
Another HC tradition i love. Its not really about the dancing and stuff, i mean i don't even remember the dances obviously, me and nikks (my dance partner of the night hehe<3) just yolo and freestyle hahaha. But the songs and just spending the moment with classmates and friends, its really a very heartwarming thing, something i'll def remember for a long long time:)
Another photo of the pretty lanterns! Pictures don't do this justice omg. And go youtube the video of the lanterns' Grand Light Up! The councillors even had a light sequence, like a mini lighting up performance of the lanterns so cute haha.
My Tiam sister posing with the bunnies cos i told her to hahahah such a cutie.

"Go stand there and pretend to kiss the bunny!!"

<3 My tiam sister, one of my closest friend in class! So glad to have met you this year<3
PS/this giant rabbit wallpaper... yups you guess it, painted by the councillors LOL. Pro right, must really applaud them for the amazing job well done!
Met up with my sec 4 class as well! 407 really is the best<3
here are 4/7's "hot chicks" as they call themselves hahaha
& a class photo! Miss you guys so much!!
Photo taking at the fountain with my classmates! Btw one of my classmate very mean lol, he said my friend Yuan D (the one in red shirt) looks like she just came from work from Pizza Hut cos of her shirt!! It does look like pizza hut's uniform but aiyo, so bad leh!!

Nikks! My food buddy and another one of my closest friend in class, love you totes!! Cafe hopping trip leggoooo!

Eleanor, nikks and me... and scary yuanrong popping up behind us hahahaha. #ConjurLING (class joke hahaha)
Yay here's one of my fav photos of the night! Super pretty pic taken in the Central Plaza with all the lanterns with seah and mui!

A legit fountain shot heh, must take with fountain cos this fountain was built by seah and her committee!! They built this from scratch using canteen chairs and plastic sheets, yes you heard me right, pretty awesome how they used chairs and plastic to make a fountain right haha.

I declare this my fav photo of the night!! Seah and chee's BFF photo >)

My bio tch Ms Tina joined us for a photo reluctantly after we pestered her and whined and whined hahaha. She's our most epic teacher and one of my fav teachers in HC hehe.

Aww this class pic is nice too! I picked the right paserby to take the pic hahaha, he was holding a DSLR so i was like, take pic confirm nice one hah.

Choir Batch photo!! This is so nice as well, really love the photos we took that night:) <3

& this is a pretty cool shot, it comprises of my class 13S74, senior class 12S74 and...grand senior class 11S74(who have alr graduated!)

Hi this is cutie seah posing proudly with her fountain
& an artistic shot taken by me! Seah claims its not artistic but i tink it is leh! its like this, "im looking away in the distance, so philosophical feel" got anot!!

Okay and to be honest it was really super duper crowded that day and squeezy so it was very hot and we were getting restless, so... chill at class bench haha. This is Yuan D and the $2 balloon dalmation XW bought haha.

& finally a LFC pic which was so hard to take!! Cos it was so hard to gather and find everyone in the massive crowd @.@ Only half of LFC is here but its okay, it was good company and those who didn't manage to go.. we missed yall!!
Thats all for MAF photos! I was expecting to take more pics but then well, got too carried away roaming the place haha.
Ending off with OTD for the night! Decided to wear white x yellow cos yellow is like... a representative colour for MAF?? Like it represents the full moon no meh hahaha, my own weird logic XD

Embroidered Lace Cami; Forevernew
Yellow Organza Skirt; Missypixie

Review: My love for light yellow shades hasn't died down yet, i think its gonna stay for a long time haha. I'm always on the hunt for the perfect yellow skirt, with a nice flare cutting, good material, measurements that fit esp at the waist and of course, the perfect shade of yellow which imo is rly hard to find!! Cos i'm very picky about the colour, it cant be too dark if not it'll just make you look tanner :/ So the verdict for this one from Missypixie? Two thumbs up! I love the shade of yellow its super pretty irl, and its the kind that makes you look fairer >) Material is like a mix between crepe chiffon, organza and mesh, quite unique. Quality is good as well and not scratchy on the skin like some mesh material can be. Length and cutting is good, though waist measurements slightly big again, needs a belt definitely. Overall a happy purchase from Missypixie!

PS/finally updated selling post in like 6 months!! Click here!

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