Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Simple Little Things.

hi! i'm taking a break from school work for awhile:) 
Back to what i enjoy doing-blogging.
Haven't blogged in a few weeks, the posts you see up every week are pre scheduled haha:)

So.. I have been reflecting on life so far, about how different this year and last year was.
Last year i took alot of things for granted, it wasn't easy last year but it was still manageable and with abit of studying i could still get things done and have fun/relax.
Well this year, i have been so busy (yes i know i repeated this alot of times) and consumed in all the work and stress. But this also led me to realize the importance of time, how precious it is and how i've really taken it for granted.

Nowadays to tide me through the week, I'll make sure i have something to look forward to:)
It can be the monthly good food feast with dear nics, or the weekly thurday lunch with my lfc and 4/7ers. 
It can be the fortnightly lunch and catch up session with nics. Or the precious weekend brunch with my family. Or maybe the rare lunch/dinner i manage to sneak in with dear sylvie.

Each of those listed only lasts a good one hour on average, but it really does make me happy, and this one or two relaxation activites can motivate me through the week.

Last year i would look forward to shopping time with momsie, movies with lfc etc. These are all luxury activies now, i probably can only sneak in some like during the holidays. Which only comes 4 times a year.. not counting public holidays. So yes i am learning to enjoy the simple things in life. Which mostly consists of having a good hearty meal and simple catch up/talk sessions with my loved ones:) And i have to say i am enjoying these simple little things. 

Here's to the simple things in life, cheers ;)

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