Saturday, 15 June 2013

Coraline Peach

Hey guys! So.. my bio teacher (for 2 weeks only) got featured in the straits times cos she apparently was one of the top scholars for A levels LOL. Then a reporter sit in one of my bio classes and took alot of pictures haha. Can you spot me in the pic? the one at the most left, with the leg cast hahaha cos i fell down the overhead bridge some time back!-_-

So anyways an update of how life has been! one word, overwhelming. le sigh. My weekends are basically extended versions of the weekdays. We use it to chiong hw and study for quizzes so basically my whole week is studying boohoo:(

Even on the car otw to malaysia im also doing homework:/
Kays anyways less of the mundane #sadlife stuff!
Here's my shoes of the day ;D I don't usually like wearing totally flat kind of flats, but this pair is so awesome haha. Got it from dorothy perkins!

hobo-ing in my grandaunt's room, i love how springy/comfy her bed is!

Details; love the braided strap. Its interwoven with three pretty colours:)
Brought my vivienne westwood satchel out again, its so versatile!
Outfit of the day:
Chaceylove Aimee Braided Dress in Coral, XS

Review: Bought this cos i love the happy cheery colours:) Its made of chiffon with smooth inner lining, not sheer. Comes with a complimentary sash in a matching hue. I love the braided strap! Its interwoven with three pretty colours:) Though its non adjustable but the length is fine so im okay with that! Length wise its good as well, prob will be ok for ppl who are 163 and below:) Overall a good buy, worth it i would say:)

Its literally get fat day everytime i visit my grandaunt and granduncle haha, they love stuffing me with food! See, i succumbed to some yummy chocolate coins and cny biscuits... cny eat so much not enough after cny still eat. Le sigh ._.

hehe i love plain white walls! But it looks like those ID photo taking places lol

I love how serene it is outside my grandaunt's house. There's like a mini park and its spacious and the air is refreshing. Really makes me feel more well rested after a hectic week. I would say this is one of the rare places i don't feel any stress, pretty rare in case you don't know! haha

Faded stone floor, where i used to sweep dead leaves with my granduncle. I'll always feel good after that cos it feels like i helped them with something, to ease their chore burdens even if its only a little:)

Besides, i spend quality time with them that way, we just talk about the randomest things and hear the leaves from the giant tree clapping. no really, it 'claps' super loudly:)
& then i dropped by my aunt's newly opened facial shop:) I have to say its pretty amazing. Its big, clean, spacious, and relaxing:)
Here's the infant room where the ppl coming for facial can drop off their kids at so that they won't be bored haha, very thoughtful!

Another section of the super big facial house, an apparel section with accessories and other stuff! Its like a mini shopping mall in one place haha
Cheery congratulatory sunflowers :)
A place for the clients and staff to chill and have afternoon tea:)
Bags hahaha

Another awesome feature!! sauna omggg
I love the wooden sauna house, it feels so minimalist and gives off a japanese vibe doesn't it?:)

Long corridors with lotsa rooms for different treatments!
Super awesome jacuzzi pool omg. I am so gonna try that one day! PS/ love the swan deco! its made up of towels btw haha

Reception area, filled with lotsa products! All so tempting i want to bring everything home hahaha

After my aunt knocked off we all spent some time together for dinz! Met my fav boys again<3 Here's one with Aiden boy:)

Pardon the horrible quality btw! the room was uber dark and only had candles LOL
Brandon boy<3

All my favs in one picture<3

Attempted to take one with flash but err.. the lighting was really too dark!

yups! that was one of the best weekends i had in months! But then at that time aiden boy got infected with hand foot and mouth, then after that when i returned to spore i oso got infected so i got quarantined for a week lol. But still it made me really happy to spend time with the people i love so much. <3


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