Saturday, 22 June 2013

Vanilla Apple Pie

Halo! Just some updates on school life again!
Sooo it was my bestie seah's bday! And being the llama she is, we prank her as usual, its a yearly affair haha!

And this najwa ah, totally cannot reach school early one XD

So this is officer yipz who is in charge of distracting seah and 'blindflolding' her, well i would say it looked more like lynching hahaha
4/7ers joined the fun :)!
This seah is forever violent and angry la hahaha
Group shot!<3
This is me casually passing seah her REAL present cos we pranked her with 2 fake ones before that. Both wrapped in like 20 layers of newspapers which she had a hard time opening haha XD
" Na, give you real one la"
"Walao dont liddat leh later fake one again!"
"ok lor i throw away"
"ehhhh ok la. -grabs-"
Then we headed to town for a mini celebration and good food! >)
I was supposed to treat them ice cream cos i had $20 vouchers! But it turned out that i mixed up cold rock and cold stone -_______________-

Anyways we still enjoyed our ice cream!:) I love the flavour Apple Pie, so creamy and yums much! 

And we trolled najwa ahahha, dunno who go and take candid shot of her and zoom up XD end up like that lor XD (sry naj pls don't kill me :x)

Seah wanted to buy some CNY clothes so we accompanied her, being the good friends we are:)
I found a pair of white jeans which im quite satisfied with! I have a super big prob with white jeans one seriously:( Super hard to find the perfect fit!

& metro had 20% off! So i met mumsie after that to stock up on beauty products:)
Bought this Lash Serum from Elizabeth Arden cos it had alot of raves!

& this laneige water sleeping mask as well:) Will review both items after i have tried it!
Sooo... then i spent my Sunday having a fancy dinner with the fam cos mumsie bought some groupon coupon which she kept raving about O_O It was at some chinese restaurant haha, food was pretty good but didnt take pictures cos i was a greedy pig as usual : >

Olivia Maxi in mint (from the ninth wonder)
STNY mini sling bag
C&K Quilted Heels

Review: First time buying from this new blogshop, bought this item cos i love maxis and i realized i don't have a maxi in my fav colour mint:) Its made of rough chiffon and has satiny inner lining, quite weighty i would say. Quality is pretty alright for $25. It has adjustable straps which is good, but then due to the weight of the maxi i'm afraid it might tear/fray away over time :/ On a side note i really do like the shade of mint, its a blue based mint shade, very bright and happy:) Would be perfect if it was a bit lighter:) Overall quite a good buy :)

hehe i realize i have been taking a lot of half face shots recently, cos it can show FOTD more up close:) Oh btw can yall tell that im having a MASSIVE breakout in the below pic?:O I was having a horrible skin day with like 3 giant pimples argh. This is what sleeping at 3am everyday does to me, le sigh. But below i'm using Dr Ci Labo's BB cream which came in vanity trove/bellabox, cant rmb. Its pretty good i would say, see can cover up the breakout haha.

Whoopwhoop! I've been super into spastic and crazy poses lately:) Me and seah always become v high and crazy when we hang out so our pics generally end up like this haha.

Kay BYE >)


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