Friday, 26 April 2013

Honey Drizzle

Hey!:) Just some products to share:) Mum bought them when Metro had 20% off, which is happening quite frequently lately :O

So we bought some stuff from laneige and they were kind enough to give us all quite alot of samples:) This is my share, mum's one is even more lol

I got the Multiberry Yogurt Repair Pack and Power Essential Skin Refiner:) I have tried both already and here's my review! 

(REVIEW)Multiberry Yogurt Repair Pack:
-smells super nice, really like how normal fruit yogurt smells like, which i think is pretty awesome;)
-does a great job of brightening up my skin, can see the effects pretty well
-moisturizes also, but brightening effects more obvious
-gel like consistency, easy to apply and wash off

(REVIEW)Power Essential Skin Refiner:
-scent is okay
-this is used as a toner and helps to minimize pore and sebum production. Effect wise it does help abit
-Something i don't like about this is that it contains alcohol, which can be drying to the skin:/
-cooling/minty effect is quite nice though!

I would say that I recommend the Yogurt mask :) 

&.. went window shopping for like 15 mins after tuition cos i was waiting for dad to fetch me. And then! i saw these pretty earrings ^^ Have been looking for simple but pretty designs which i can wear to schoo and i thought these were nice:) From Venus Tears at United Square!
& then we went back to msia as usual! I had the Caramel flakes mcflurry! Limited edition LOL. But omg it tasted so so good, i like it more than the usual oreo one haha
Some good ol wanton mee, i swear msia has the awesomest wanton mee ever<3
It was a rare dress up day! Celebrating bro's bday;)

Wearing my new earrings :)! Its pretty isnt it!

LB Fitzroy Frock in Honey, S
Vivienne Westwood Inspired Shimmer Satchel
LB Whittaker Wedges in Wine

Wore LB's wedge which i bought during the 20% sale:)

Review(Fitzroy): Bought this mainly for its cutting and colour which i thought was a pastel-y honey yellow. However studio lighting tend to be not so accurate, in real life its a darker yellow, i wouldn't consider it to be pastel. Slightly a mix of dust beige and yellow i would say, with hints of gold and champagne. The material is quite unique i think, it feels thicker than usual materials and is semi structured with a slight sheen to it, quality is okay, but i think it may fur over time? Cutting wise its really quite good, i love the sweetheart portion and the cutting at the waist, very flattering. However sizing runs small imo, im a uk6 and size S fits me just right, so uk8 will prob have to take M. Im not sure if its just me or is LB's sizing getting smaller lol! or maybe i grew fat:( so anyways quite an okay buy, love the cutting though colour is not really true to studio pictures~

Review(Wedges): I love the shade of wine, its slightly ruby + wine so its not too dark for my liking:) Made of suede on the outside and it has slight padding on the soles, making it a pretty comfy pair overall:) The height is okay for me, an acceptable height. However I think that the front portion is abit squeezy, so if the width of your feet is bigger you may have to size up. Im a local 36 and i take 36 for this pair, those slightly clamped at the front. Quite a good buy imo cos i bought it when it was at 20% off:)

Upclose of makeup of the day! Went for a doe eye look by playing around with eyeshadows and more shading + highlighting techniques:)

Dinz was at a western restaurant near our house:)

Ambience was quite nice, the paintings and furniture rly feel like some US steakhouse haha

I thought this item was quite unique haha!

Gramps hates ordering at western restaurants cos she doesnt understand the menu lol, and my aunt oso having problems deciding haha
Onion rings just not in the ring form! Pretty cool!
Calamari and mushroom appetizers, dad cant wait to tuck in lol
My ebi and salmon main! IT IS SUPER YUMS:)
Gramps only enjoys the eating hehe

Cake time!

Happy bday bro! 

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