Monday, 24 December 2012

Fluffy Cloud Nine

HELLOOOOO <3 I'm in such a great mood today! ;D Work has finally ended for me and though it was kinda fun and an enriching experience, standing for 9 hours daily and wrapping presents was so tiring! 

Yups thats right, I worked as a "Santa Elf", wrapping presents for happy Xmas shoppers ;) At which department store, i shall not say hahaha. But yay now I got extra allowance, and its not a small amount which means I can finally treat myself to some good ol shopping :) Have been on a shopping ban for quite some time now!

Anyhoos, I went knits shopping at H&M a few weeks ago to prep for my Germany trip cos its rly cold there and knits keep us warm!:) Was super delighted by the array of knits H&M stock!! And at a friendly price too:) I think it was a few days after their opening day so there were sales:) The pink and orange sweater you see below both cost $15!! <3 But of cos I didn't buy all of the below la.

 Really liked the colour of this sweater but decided not to get it since its rly similar to my Elena Knit Top from Willowfawn! But I like my willowfawn knit better hehe;)
 Bought this icy blue knit! Such a refreshing colour to look at :) Retailed for $39 if i'm not wrong, but it is of good quality and has shimmers so its really pretty :)

& not to mention! That day was TANGS' 12% rebate day! So of cos me and momsie went to peng chang(support) hehe. 

After using the sample version from bellabox, i really really liked this product: Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate!

I can only say it really is a miracle worker hehe. My star product of 2012! Makes you skin radiant and supple immediately;) And though it has many types of oils, these oils are the good kind and the texture of it overall is a non sticky, very calming kind that doesn't make you go "URGH"! 
& as always, the serviceat Kiehl'sis daebak(awesome)! <3 Gave lotsa samples to me:)

 Me and momsie have been dying to try this new brand, Philosophy after hearing many raves about it! So we chen ji (take advantage of the sales) and bought some items to try:)

I got their Purity cleanser and Grace scent gift set(next pic). They gave samples as well! I got their famous Hope in a jar moisturizer, Miracle worker dark spot corrector and Microdelivery exfoliating gel as samples:) Oh and a free pouch!

 Here's the amazing grace gift set that smells so so nice! The scent is really light and subtle, definitely not overwhelming. Its one of the mildest scents i've come across and this is now on par with my Marc Jacobs Daisy Parfum! Both are my fav now!
 The set comes with a Bath Gel, Perfume and Body Butter :) All smells awesome! & really, philosophy's products all smell amazingly delicious. I'm sorry but their lovely scents for bath gels, perfume and body butter beats many other shops hands down.
 I bling-ed my iphone case before he Germany trip hehe. The floral dustcap is from online(I cant rmb where..) and the pearl Iphone case is from Forever New :) Got it during sales a few months ago!

Here's a random otd for a day of errands!

Thread Theory Crotchet top
TTR Swish it! Asymmetrical Skirt in Buttercuo Yellow 
Willowfawn Mint Buckle Clutch

 Review(Threadtheory): Got this during their black friday sales for about $20! Definitely worth the price imo:) The crotchet is really lovely:) It has flowers and the hem has slight fringe effects as well:) However it is sheer and has to go with an inner piece. Also its cropped so pair it with high waist bottoms unless you want the peekaboo effect! The material is quite sturdy and as long as you hand wash it I think it can last a long time:) Overall a good buy at $20! :))

Oh suddenly I remember what kind of errand I was running haha. Was sent to get some travel size toiletries for my family for e Germany trip haha! I got the Ma Cherie Conditioner since it was small and smelled nice haha. In the end i bought a KATE eyebrow pencil as well zzz. Will review it once I've tried it~

& since my loreal eyelash serum ran out & i cant find it anywhere, i got the heroine make lash serum instead~ its made of essential oils and is pretty light, didn't sting my eyes:) But I haven't seen the effects yet, maybe gotta use it longer first!

 Had a travel around Spore buddy trip with Nics awhile back! It was kinda fail though! We hopped onto a random bus and stopped at whatever random stop we felt like dropping off. In the end we went to Holland just to eat Crystal Jade trololol. But it was a late celebration for my bday too cos her mum was sick during my bday period and we couldn't celebrate:/ Here's the presents she gave me<3 I LOVE THEM ALL SUPER ALOT <3 Nics has similar taste as me so i really liked the items she picked for me :) Most of it is from Hokkaido somemore:)
 Introducing my new fav yogurt place, Sogurt! I really like their toppings hahaha, esp this lychee and strawberry bursts! SO yums can!! However it is abit on the pricey side so it'll be a once in awhile treat for me!:)
 Lastly, ending off with an advert for ELDERFLOWERWOOD! 

The owner Nicole, kindly sent me this peach crotchet skirt :) I have seen this exact piece selling at Mylittle bow as well and almost wanted to buy it back then but decided not to give in to temptations haha. SO I'm really glad nicole sent me this piece!<3 PS/ Elderflowerwood is selling it at a much cheaper price than MLB is selling it for!

 This peach crotchet skirt is really a lovely piece, be it the sweet yet snazzy hue, or the intricate crotchet details! The flared cutting also is flattering for all ;) So hop down to Elderflowerwood! ( and check out their items!

Remember to like their facebook page as well here for more updates and promos: /532097080149480 
Ok thats all for this lengthy post! Hope you guys enjoyed it cos i spent alot of xin si (thoughts) into typing this :) And Merry Xmas guys!!

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