Monday, 3 December 2012

*Pretty Petits*

Annyeong!!!:) I'm going to Germany/Austria for a week long hol guys:) But stay tuned to this space cos i already prepared automated posts which means updates even though i'm in germany ^^ Hardworking anot?:) Lol ok not really la hor :) But anyhoos, Bellabox review!

Nov's box came in another sweet shade of pink with hints of lilac :) I love how the pink is always diff each month ;)

Hope you guys can see whats written on the card :O But just in case yall can't see, here's wats written:
L'oreal professional mythic oil
L'oreal professional absolute cellular repair shampoo
JF Skin solutions Acne Relief Cleanser Bar
Storyderm Silk Mask
Sasatinnie Super Dolly Powerful Mascara

I really love this month's products!! All I can use one:) Sometimes they send me a box chock full of anti-ageing products and I can't use any haha. Haven't tried out the mascara but will do a short review + some pics when I've used it;) The storyderm mask is quite good:) A light scent without any weird aftersmell, made my skin smooth and supple as well. :) 

And actually my fav product from this month is the JF Skin solutions cleansing bar!:) It smells really gentle and mild, and i like how clean my face feels after using it:) Not to mention it combats pimples, my skin condition did improve after using it for a mere week:) So yups, I'll buy another of this if i can find it :) 

For the loreal products i haven't used it yet, saving it for my germany trip!:)

Me and mumsie went to Vivocity for Samantha Thavasa's grand opening there:)! Cos there were special promotions for the bag I have been eyeing since eons ago:) Such an awesome opportunity cannot miss right!

Make up that day: (upclose ino ther pics below)
MAC Immortal Flower Blusher
Biotherm Detox BB Cream
KATE concealer
Urban Decay palette

& here's my OTD:
STNY bag
Topshop Belt
TCL Pearl Tweed Dress
Pedro wedges (omg when i scanned thr this post i saw this as potato wedges trololol!!!)

Review(TCL): Made of really thick tweed, although this is a short sleeved dress, you'll feel really hot in it in non air conditioned places. Quality of the tweed is pretty good though:) Love the pearl adornment, on the neckline and sleeves, makes it more unique and definitely a classy piece. Also becos of the pearls minimal accessories are needed, so this is a throw on and go kind of dress:) But workmanship can be improved cos there are alot of loose threads at the neckline, have to spend some time cutting it all away :/ nonetheless i really like how classic this dress is :)

After getting some awesome loots at Samantha Thavasa we stopped by MNG as well cos the displays that day were so tempting! I sinned at MNG that day T^T But its ok i don't feel too bad cos i really haven't been spending on online buys:) I only bought 2 items in 2 months!! Idk how, its like once i resisted one launch, it gets easier and easier and somehow in the end i could resist so many pretty items heh. 

Here are the 2 items that caught me eye!( and which i bought in the end!)

Insanely pretty skirt with pearls, criss cross design, a dash of mesh and made of thick material! Rly good quality:) Though this was on the pricey side, the design and quality made it worth it:)

& this lovely light pink with silver shimmer stripes long sleeve knit:) Its rly thin, perfect for our weather:) Its even more cooling than our usual t-shirts:) And i couldn't resist the silver shimmer stripes, too pretty!!

Oh yes, but the skirt (XS) is still too big for me :< so i have to bring it for alteration..
PS/ sry i spammed pics of this outfit! Its cos i rly rly love the combi ^^

Door gifts from the Samantha thavasa grand opening! ST petit sweets exclusive to their Japan outlets:) They specially shipped this in for the event so i feel rly honoured to have received a pack :) And it tastes rly good hehe, i finished the whole pack by myself :x within a day somemore! fat die me:(

yumms white choc!

Tadah! Here's the super gorgeous Aimi bag i got from the launch:) Mum says its an early xmas present!
Love the unique rose shade, soft leather, fur trimmings and the fluffy bear:) It was sold at about $100 discount just for the opening day, so it was a really good deal:)

Super soft and fluffy ST bear ;)

Bronze-gold hardware :) Suits the rose gold hue really well :)!

Uber cute polka dot satin lining :)!

Some pics of how it looks when carried~~ ^^

Thank you mum<3 Rly love this xmas present :)!!  

Upclose of make that day:

Subtle wing with the dark brown colour in the Naked Palette:) Used the lightest white/shimmery pearl shade to highlight the inner corners of the eye:)

Used a matte mid brown for the base and subtle pinks in the middle for definition!:)

Oh and i had a groupon voucher for eyelash perm and the effect is daebak! (awesome!) see how curly it is?:) It lasts for about 2 months and its really worth it. No need to curl it anymore and the difference it makes is alot:) Did it at Mi Cara, located at Duxton road, tanjong pagar:)! Its called the Barbie lash perm if anyone is int~~

Lenses are from freshkon!

ok thats all to this lengthy post:) byeeeeee!

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