Sunday, 23 December 2012

Empire State of Mind

Wellos! Currently I'm not as free as I thought I'll be zzz. Cos my friend and I signed up for some temp job in a moment of excitement and now I have to commit to it >.< ... Will tell y'all more about the job when its over tml! And for now, more ootds and such~

Fashmob's The Editor Dress (White, S)

Review: Missed the launch for this dress but thankfully Rach, the owner of Fashmob was kind enough to get a piece for me after the launch:) Size S fits me still alright but definitely too big at the waist and ptp area, and the design of the dress just kinda doesn't suit belts :/ It looks weird with a belt cos there are studs at the waist portion as well! Nonetheless the cutting is pretty good, I think it'll look really nice on people who are a UK8. The gold X white combination is really gorgeous as well, classy in fact! Sadly I'll have to let this dress go cos its too big for me :( Anyone int just email me at

Part 2 of my couz's visit! This little munchkin just woke up hehe.

"cluck cluck! Who's a chicken??"

Anyways my aunt decided to leave the kids at home with their grandma while we have a girls' night out for some yummy steamboat cos it was a rainy day!

Thats my dearest grandaunt! She's 65 but can't tel right haha, no white hair one!!

It was a super filling dinner can. I think we ordered too much haha, we managed to finish everything though! Had such a good time:) Its been ages since we had a girls' night out and have dinner without the kiddos!
& we went back home and found big bro tying his hair omg hahahah. He had the sides of his head shaved off earlier in the morn and has been trying out new hairstyles tsk tsk. Now his fav is the jap kid style!
Aiyo he looks like a girl here >.<
LOL the happy ri ben zai (jap kiddo) posing for us!!
So big bro was doing his hair while lil bro was dancing gangnam style non stop in the room hahahah
This is what they do when we were out haha

US trip part 4! 
"And now we're in New York!"

Beautiful view of NY city! Empire state building in the distance~
Big patch of land there is the Central Park!
It was Xmas period when we went last yr so hohoho Santa's on the streets!

The Apple fan specially requested a photo under NY's Apple building hah.
LOL at this pic!! All the restaurants/cafes in NY were so packed man, its a weekday somemore >< So we dabao-ed and ate outside Central park hahaha
Central park! Didn't take pics inside cos I was too busy seeing the animal exhibits :) Btw, Madagascar(movie) isn't filmed here!

The streets of NY really is super busy one, spore cannot compare to it. When I got there I was like, "Phew, and i thought Spore was crowded..zzzz"

NY city at night is really pretty though ;)
& the next day we took a boat to see... thats right! The statue of liberty! Go NY must see one right ;)

IM SRY DAD I JUST HAD TO POST THIS XD Look at my dad's epic face hahahahaha #trolled!

& FYI, the statue of liberty isn't GREEN in the first place, it was a bronze-y colour! Its becos of oxidation that it became green;) Bet you didn't know that huh XD
My grandma always says she is like "神秘女郎" in her wrapped up ensemble but me and my bro secretly thinks its more of ninja turtles lol

epic scrunched up fat face!!
& there are a gazillion seagulls there and thus lots of bird poop on the floor which kinda spoils the whole scenic vibe O_O

Posing with a tree for idk what reason haha. Spot the monks on holiday!!

And to all my readers, have a very happy and blessed christmas!! Tis the season to be jolly ;) Spread the love<3 :D

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