Saturday, 15 December 2012

Crystal Falls

US trip part 3 is here!:) Featuring Niagara Falls!

extremely cold day as well!

And lady luck was smiling on us :) A rainbow appeared as soon as we arrived hehe!

Pictures don't do the falls justice at all :( You'll have to see it in person to really know how vast, wide, amazingly beautiful it is:)
group shot!:)
Then we ran to a nearby cafe to hide from the cold cos tak boleh tahan already zzz. 
Hehe say hi to the fat squirrel whom we saw on the way XD

Dad captured these few shots and he was gushing about how he's a genius cos the lighting is so perfect hahaha.

Beautiful but cold day spent at Niagara falls:) We took a plane there from LA just to see it haha. Then flew to San Fransisco i think, or was it New York :/ ok anyways we'll see where it actually is since the photos are in order hah.

And here's a Christmas promo advert for Epicfas, where you can get pretty, trendy accessories and not break your budget!


Christmas is nearing; have you found the perfect gift for your girl friends?
Fear not if you haven’t!
EpicFas presents you the perfect gift this coming Christmas – Christmas Epic’s Box.
For only $27, you will receive a box which contains a total of 6 items!! (A necklace, a pair of earrings, a earcuff, a bracelet/bangle, a ring and a random accessory.) Price is inclusive of normal postage or meet up to be arranged. For registered postage, just top up $2.24 when making payment. (:
The items are worth a total of at least $40 per box.

There will be a mass meet up this coming Friday (21st of Dec) and Saturday (22nd Dec) for all last minute purchases of Christmas gift (:
Timing to be arranged again.

How would you like to receive brand new accessories every month? With a whole new set of accessories for you to mix and match with your daily outfit. And the best part of all? Invite your friends to subscribe to Epic’s box with you and enjoy playing dress up! You and your friends can even exchange accessories! If you like accessories and fashion, please subscribe to our monthly Epic’s box, also costing $27 per box. Subscribe to 6 months straight and receive extra 2 items in your first month’s box.  The first Epic’s box will be mailed out on the first week of each month.

Please also include your style so we can prepare your box more towards your liking (:
Sweet style: crystal-ish accessories, sweet colours etc.
Funky: Chunky, Skull designs and etc.

To subscribe, please send an email to in the following format:
Phone number:
Postage mode:
If meetup, which slot:
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Box: Christmas box/monthly Epic’s box
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Hokays now some sneak peeks for Willowfawn's upcoming launch later on at 9pm! Love every single item in this launch as usual hehe. Remember to like our facebook page here and view the full preview album:) By liking our page you also stand a chance to win $5 credit vouchers!

For this collection we'll have knit cardigans, lace midis, rose dresses, chiffon tops and more! A fun filled launch hehe. :) Remember our date on Sunday 15Dec, 9pm!

Ending off with a super belated OTD!
Was in a bright neon colour mood that day hehe.

TTR Racerfront top in Yellow (S)
LB Shelburne Skirt in Cobalt Blue (XS)
Liz Lisa Bag (Camel)

Review(TTR): Got these from BO as i wasn't fast enough during the launch. Actually i have it in mint too but they sent the wrong size to me so i had to have it refunded:( Anyways I like the material of this top! Feels like chiffon but is thicker with lining and thus non sheer, slightly hot though. The racer details aren't very cut in, but with normal undergarment, the strap will be seen. The yellow is very bright as well, somewhat like sunshine yellow, great for perk me up kind of days:) Overall an okay buy, though i would have liked the mint piece more! Review for LB's Shelburne skirt is here if anyone needs it:) I think its still avail on LB's site, might be oos soon though cos of the 20% storewide discount:)

And that day i was trying to see how i'll look like with short hair.. so here it is!

 I think i still prefer long hair, just saying XD

Small satchel bag from Liz lisa! I have it in white as well:)
 Oh and i wore my cross ear cuff that day!:) Love how shiny it is^^ I kept staring at it lol. I think there are still 1-2 pieces left on Willowfawn! But i haven't updated status yet ooops.
okayy byeeeee! I'm off to prep for the launch!:)

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