Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tiffany Blue

Meow! How have you guys been?:) I'm back in Spore!! Austria was lovely and pretty with all the snow, but I still love spore the most, no need to say one hehe. 

Anyways, isn't this pic cute? XD I moustached my cousin hehehe! So happy to see this kiddo again :) Maybe cos I haven't seen him in a month, this time when i went back to msia he was super clingy to me XD
OTD for the day!

TTR Oopsy Daisy Crotchet Top in Blue
Valleygirl Crotchet Stripe Skirt
Willowfawn's upcoming pearl cross necklace:)

& i got this Reindeer furry bag, just in time for xmas!!:)

Got the skirt when i was in Aussie a few years back:)
Review(TTR): Launched eons ago but i only wore it out recently :) I love the smurfy shade of blue, its really bright and cheery in real life:) The daisy crotchet is quite pretty but rather delicate as well. Sizing is okay but slightly big at the ptp area. Oh yes, the material for this top is a letdown imo :( Made of thin cotton and creases really easily>< So i guess those who bought this is paying more for the design rather than quality of material cos its really thin :/ But ok la, I'll be keeping this one because of the really happy colour and daisy design:) Not a must buy i would say, unless you really like the design~

This kiddo is getting cuter every day hehe. But now he likes to act cool with the cap and gangnam style flash mobs hahaha

Mini jay chou haha!

He was playing hide and seek with me by hiding his face in the cap trololol!
PS/ check out the gangnam style tee shirt! he has at least 4 diff designs XD No. 1 gangnam style fan ;)

We went shopping at Jusco, one of the more established malls in Johor area:) To soak up the xmas atmosphere you know ;)

Tea time! I had this dessert dish which had green tea ice cream and red bean samosa:) Pretty good!
& after that we went home and i was bored... so i played with iphone cam>.< Exit if you don't want to see my face haha. It started off like this..

and ended up like this! goofball style!

sorry for the many self pics but i did warn you guys! I was too bored that day x.x
Anyways here's America Trip Part 2!

Day 3 was spend driving to Nevada, and then we joined a local Grand Canyon tour there:) Cos our US trip was the "free and easy" kin, which means we didn't go there with Singapore tour groups:) Dad says he has been there alot of times already so he can drive around pretty well, and a free and easy trip will be more relaxed as compared to tours which kinda always rushes through the itinerary. 

There is a super huge dam behind the barrier can you all see??
Here's a better pic:) It really is pretty big scale and amazing:O
Nearing Grand Canyon alr! There are funky trees here which mum says are really cute. So we snap peektures!

Finally reached Grand Canyon! It took us about 2 hours to get there phew. But its really worth it, the view is so so amazing. You have to see it yourself in person to really know why they call it one of the wonders of the world:) Plus this is a Natural wonder ;) I think its more amazing than man made wonders, eg Great wall of China( Which me and the fam gave up after climbing 70 steps, failmax ><...)

 Snapped this pic cos this crow really resembles Damon of the vampire diaries!! It was staring at us with super beady eyes can 0.0

 I literally LOLed at this pic hehehe, I think my grandma made my bro do the pose. hahaha

Here's my OTD!
White Knit Top (from Taiwan)
Fur Vest from Claire's
Java Leather Skirt in Blue (HVV)
Tommy Hilfiger Bag( which i got at a super steal of $15USD at the american outlet stores!!)
Black Leather Boots (from Taiwan)

Btw, it looks like the weather there is super hot and desert-like right, but it was cold k! Like 0 deg or so cos there was actually snow on the ground. :O

I actually love this pic below the best:) Idk why but the lighting is so surreal.

Ok bye! Out of pictures liao. Stay tuned to part 3 of the trip(Niagara Falls!!) :) And after i edit my Austria trip pictures I'll do a travel post on it too :D Bye! 

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