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August's Visuals

/ / m a i n / / 

Documented the last few months of school life :')
Unintentionally though haha, cos the camera was meant for filming our class montage which is to be screened during graduation!:) 

Thats me and nikks walking across central plaza hehe.
Candid shot haha. 
It was wanton mee day! My class quite cute one, when one buys from a certain stall the rest follows, like ducklings following their mother duck hehe.

Our last national day celebration everrrrr! 
We were seated at the second level though, thus we didn't have much feels :x 
The atmosphere is much better at level one cos that's where the stage is! 
But its kay we had fun selfie-ing as well ;)

Hahaha are we cute yet? XD 
Looking so tired (eyebags give em all away) but still happy:)))

Yup this is our usual selves haha, or maybe just pingz :x
Cheryl i chose this not cos u don't look like a fishball here (rare occasion haha!!) but coz claire looks too funny and cute here! XD
Exploring new places around bukit timah for lunch hehe.

& cos we're gluttons... ice cream for dessert! 
This is at bukit timah plaza!:) A new ice cream shop just opened there and their flavours are pretty exotic!

Omg im the shortest thr hahaha

Went for Mid Autumn festival with daniel since i live so near school:) 
The lanterns are so pretty right hehe

And well, ever since As has ended i've been going out daily with different groups of friends to catch up and stuff. Its fun i'd have to admit, but there are times when i just miss school. Not the mugging but you know, the feeling of everyone being together in a class, recesses, the environment...and youth. 

We're starting a new phase as young adults now and as much as we are scared and don't wish to face reality, i think its not too long before we're thrown into the real world. 
Nonetheless, i'd take it with a positive heart and see it as a new challenge:) 
I've been sorting out my photos recently and its nostalgia at its max really. 
And so i've decided to post some candid, raw shots of school life here. I'm sure in time to come it'll serve as wonderful memories :)

Starting from the early months in J1...

Sodache and Post orientation party:)
The 'train' effect
Artemis and their ghost masks! Part of their dance prop:)
Apollo prepping for their dance solo!
My fav Ares :')
Please look at how neat our formation is haha!! POP was our pride and glory:')

Moving on~ Bonding time with my (then) new class S74 :)
We're all old friends now hahaha

Dk what they are doing here haha, i tink clarissa was trying to carry yiyang as part of a dare?? Anyways this yy only weighs 50kg... put all the girls to shame ><

And then we had senior meet junior time! 13S74 and 12S74:) 

And so with the end of orientation, comes lectures and proper lessons..
Here's everyone gg-ing during math lecture, except clarissa haha.

chelsea brought her pet cockroach to school one fine day, needless to say we had alot of fun putting it on unknowing classmates who were sleeping >)
Some screamed when they saw it, in the midst of lecture. HEH.

Pingz facetiming me late at night. 
Oh the things we do...
Student council investiture some time back! Lookie seah she looks so goondoo as usual hehehe XD no la i was proud of her! Head of Welfare Committee leh :) -claps-
omg look at this silly seah carrying the bear on stage XD

Council Exco i think?? Can't rmb :x
Okay looking at the other people with capes, seah's getup doesn't seem so bad after all hahaha

Class pics hehe.
One of 74's original memes! During Bio tutorial (1.5hrs) and thats most of the class GG-ing lolol.
See if u can spot me (im at the back posing with a twist sign hahaha)


LFC's bday celebration this year for our unglam queen yipz ;)

We never get tired of taking silly sleeping shots heh heh, even in J2 >)
Combined sports meet, aka raid the milo van and kope all the free milo! 
(but ok i only had 2 small cups, yuanrong here, had 6 cups in one go LOL)

Class party at milo van hahahah;)
Everyone please look at shijie's auntie face teeheeeee

74 Disney princesses' celebration for yipz!
As you can see we were feeling a bit troll and got her the "Aww its a baby boy!" balloon hahhaha ;)
Cake for may babies! Being a welfare rep is pretty fun heh.

Shijie and I fooling around with nikk's bday present haha! 

Me: "Shijie can u act scared pleaseeee?"
Shjie:" But I'm not scared -_-"

Shijie" WOAH i am SO SCARED..... -___-"
hahahah thank you shijie for being such a sport xD

I think i must have been the biggest fan of pups that day ^^
Soft toys for bday presents are always welcome haha!!

Happy bday nikks!! from 74's princesses hehe

Oh, wenxin looks so loving to pups here but in real life she was like "get that thing away from me!!" hahaha #biggestanimalfan

I went for Strings Ensemble's Concert sometime in May as well, was supposed to perform for Artemis Faculty Outing but ya, i feel that its more important to support my good friend pingz since its her last concert!
Dinner was at Little Hiro, better known as Burger Shack to all the HC/NY people :)

Super sinful but pretty yums! I loveeee their chilli fries >)


The concert was really good! Worth the price definitely and worth missing artemis FO for ;) I loved their song choices and they played so well:) Newfound love for classical music haha! 

Photo taking time after the concert!
This is pingz being very emotional cos she thought eugene bought flowers for her hahaha
And then she insisted on a hug hahaha
Eug is being very cooperative for once XD usually he'll be out of the door if pingz is within 1m radius HAHA
And shijie being ever so cost friendly/auntie/troll decided to pick fresh flowers from a bush near school haha!
Yep we made them pose for this pic cos its too cute XD By the way i was the one who bought the flowers okay ,not eug haha!! Where's the love for chee?:(
"Everyone who want give me flowers line up pls" xD hahahha
74ers who was there to support pingz!
Everyone took a solo shot with pingz but im just posting this one up cos they cutes ^_^
A simple but really memorable evening indeed:)

I probably did up various month's visuals over the years, but these are the ones that were unposted, and i'm glad i did up this post cos... i really will cherish the moments we had together:')
To any of my dear friends who are reading this, we may have graduated and will be going our separate ways sooner or later but i want you guys to know that i love you all very very much :')

With love,

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