Saturday, 6 December 2014

Mint Embellishments

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Been gravitating towards the edgy, casual denim shorts chic kinda outfits recently, as compared to the past where it was pastels all the way! So when i wore this pastel outfit recently it was like, pretty deja vu hehe. 
Btw i'm trying to clear out my stash of backdated posts so... please bear with me haha. Newer updates will come after these are cleared heh. 
Back then when i had black hair (i do not miss you black hair heh.)

Pleated Top from Thevelvetdolls
Embellished Skirt from Forever New
Tweed Bag from Lovets
White Loafer Wedges from HVV

Review(TVD Pleated Top): Im a huge fan of pleats, camis and light colours so when i saw this from the previews i already knew i was gonna get it from the launch:) And it was a good decision! This is a lovely basic to have:) It simple but pretty, plus the pleats are really well pressed and classy. Love the slight v cut and dusty mint as well, which is a more toned down colour than those bright mints. Length wise its abit long imo so i prefer it tucked in:) A side note, it doesn't have adjustable straps, but it isnt too long for me so thats okay. Its a really nice basic to have, regret not getting it in white too!!

I paired this with a embellished skirt i got from Forever New during their sales some time back:)

Upclose of the embellishments~~
Super pretty right:)) I'm such a sucker for embellishments really :x 
This was at like 50% off or something heh, and i was lucky cos they had my size (UK4 for high waist) which is really rare!

Me and yunmei had Llao Llao for dinner cos we weren't hungry, but omg this cup of froyo is really filling! But so yummy hahah, i don't think its overrated honestly! Definitely my fav froyo place to go from now on;) 
Yay froyo makes us happy!

Met up with the rest of my batchies after that! 
This is us doing what we do best- selfie-ing. in. the. middle. of. raffles. city. 
(got judged so bad hahaha)
And then on the way to the concert venue the girls decided to have a mini photoshoot??? 
Hahah really impromptu! The guys were just sian-ing at the top while waiting for us hahaha.

Candid but cute hehe
This is as high fashion as it gets hahaha. 
Okay, we tried. 
Aw man what were we thinkingggg hahaha
Forced the guys to come down and take a group photo after that heh. 
But it was worth it cos it turned out so nice!!
selfie with my sops:))

Whee we have arrived at the concert venue!

& since we were early we made the guys do a mini photoshoot of their own ;)
Everyone tried but i chose this one of wee cos i think his is the best! 
He nailed the natural candid shot don't you think hehe!
So charming eh wee?;)
Raymond's one not bad also heh, got the "feels" ;)
Oh btw this concert is SingaFour! Which showcased choirs of the four famed choral conductors of Singapore:) Miss Jennifer Tham, Mr Nelson Kwei, Mr Toh Ban Sheng and of cos my fav Ms Lim! 
RioHC/hwa chong didn't perform for this so we went there to support my conductor and my juniors from nanyang girls:) 
I'd have to say i enjoyed the performance put up by one of Mr Toh's choir the most:) They just had confidence oozing out of them, the charisma was undeniable and of course, the piece they presented was really interesting and involved some funky dancing hehe! Not to mention Mr Toh sang as well and omg his voice.. so amazing! No wonder people say he has the voice of an alto (the highest range for guys is usually tenor but he can reach alto notes beautifully!) 

After the concert i managed to take some pics with the juniors!

I remember those days of going for choir concerts one after another, sigh the good old days :)
 Every concert was an eye opener and i loved it all. 
And well, now thats As are over i can't wait to go for more again!! :)) 

Till the next;

PS/ i'll be heading to korea tomorrow!! Not sure if i can update this space but i'll be active on insta @etherealpeonies definitely!:) 

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