Friday, 19 December 2014

Lilac Roses

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messy hair days. 
just cos imperfection is part and parcel of life:)

This was taken when i just did the soft perm at salon vim btw! So it looks super curly, but now my hair is like pin straight cos the perm has grown out :x I know i promised a hair post some time back, i'm prob not gonna do up one on the perm cos i already did a detailed one here before, so i'll just do the one on hair colouring! (wait for it kay!)

/ / m a i n / /

So anyways, Singapore has been seeing some erratic weather some time back and gorgeous pink blooms flooded the trees. Needless to say, i'm loving every bit of it :) New fav phototaking spot haha. Also, pardon the slightly not up to standard pictures this time, my brother took these for me and its his first time taking ootd shots so much editing was needed and i did what i could to save it haha.

Lilac Two Piece Set from Ashincans
Bag from Samantha Thavasa
Shoes from H&M

Colours and prints are true to this picture below:

Review: Two piece sets are really popular nowadays, and i've gotten my first one from ashincans:) As usual i have a weak spot for florals, and this one is in a super sweet lilac shade! One thing to note though, the prints are more or less printed on and not sewn on/embedded, so i'm not too sure if it'll fade after washes. The material for this is quite unique, feels like a luxe crepe material, slightly rough and finely textured. It is generally non sheer cos there's an additional innter lining. Sizing wise there's only one size for this (free size) and for the skirt its generally ok but for the top the ptp is too big, probably would fit a large UK8/10 better imo. So yup for this i would say its a hit and miss, prints are pretty but sizing is off.


Also, it was Sephora's yearly(?) 20% off storewide event so i took the chance to stock up on some essentials:) I was actually lucky cos i didn't know about this event and when i headed down the staff told me its the last day of the sale! Lucky me ;) 

So anyways here's what i got!

Philosophy's Field of Flowers EDT

Im a huge fan of Philosophy's scents cos they're always smell just nice, not overbearing and so so good ;) My fav is Grace, but this one smells really nice too!
And my classmate sng always tell me i smell like flowers (sng is so cute LOL) but yup i'd probably attribute that to this! ;)
Benefit's Posie Tint
There are newer versions of this tint, such as Lollitint, but i still prefer the first two versions, Benetint and Posietint. After so long, i finally got my own posietint!:) Its a super sweet and natural shade of pink, and can act and a blush or lip tint ;) Can't wait to use it hehe.
MAC Satin Lipstick; Twig
MAC Lipstick; Smart & Sweet

 I'm obsessed with lip colours lately, and after experimenting with some louder shades of fuschia and reds, its good to get some more natural looking shades for dress down days. 

Twig is a pinky brown shade and has a slightly matte finish. This shade is the perfect everyday shade with a slight sultry twist which matches pretty much every skin tone if you ask me:)

Smart and Sweet is a popular 'korean' pink, as described by the staff at MAC. Its a really sweet baby pink which goes well with most looks, but do note that it may emphasize fine lines on the lips!

Makeup For Ever's HD Primer (Green)

My current Laneige Water Primer in Green is running out soon so i decided to get another one before it actually does run out. From the packaging to colour, both are really similar and since Laneige's version works pretty ok for me, i think this one will too. Haven't tried it out yet but i'm already holding high hopes for this product after reading good reviews on it ;)
& some trial items courtesy of Philosophy, thank you! 
Hope in a Jar Moisturizer
Microdelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash

And thats it for this post!
Hope everyone's enjoying December, its truly the most wonderful month of the year!:)

Till the next;

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