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Its cafe hopping time with nikks again! 
I can really count on her to be my best cafe hopping buddy ;)
We decided to try Artistry, which is a short 7-10mins walk away from Bugis MRT because i had a blogger event at bugis in the afternoon:)

We ordered their Duck Confit Croissant and Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast to share.
The Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast is supposedly the highly raved dish, so we had high expectations for it. To a non-peanut butter fan like me, i thought it was not bad. The peanut butter taste is definitely not overpowering. Paired with ice cream and berries, it was pretty nice. The toast is thick enough as well, so that it gives the chewy texture which i prefer over the thin sliced toasts. Portion wise its quite small tho! For guys it may not be enough.

As for the Duck Confit Croissant, the portion is comparably huge. Nikks didn't eat much of this cos she found it too oily for her liking (as a bread lover she has high standards for all kinds of bread haha). I, on the other hand, couldn't tell if the croissant is overly oily or not but it wasn't to my liking cos it was too crispy/flaky without the chewy texture (which imo breads should have!!). I actually quite liked the scrambled eggs and savoury duck confit though, albeit the duck being abit oily. 

Overall food was ok-ok, ambience pretty good, table settings on point, with the picturesque bouquet of fresh flowers, wood block and striped table :)

We took some our OTD outside Artisty after that!:)
Nikks and I are matchy matchy in diff tones of florals wheeee :)

Outfit details:
Floral Organza Romper from Labellavita
Shoes from HVV
Bag from Forever New

Review(Labellavita Romper): I loved the unique combination of the mesh overlay and mid pink florals when i saw the previews, so i knew this was an item i would be camping for. There is inner lining for this piece so its more or less non sheer, and it features an anti-slip lining. Sizing wise there is only one size for this, its slightly big for me at the waist and ptp even though its elasticized. This would probably fit a UK8 or 10 better imo. Also, this is actually a romper even though it more or less looks like a dress from the outside. Overall i would say its a hit and miss for me, lovely prints but sizing wise not so suitable. If anyone is interested in this piece do email me at

Moving on..

Some selfies as usual:)

We headed over to Bugis Cube after that, for the launch of... F Supermarket! 
I was invited to the opening of F Supermarket, which is a pop up retail store managed by Chickisslove:) It'll only be around for a few months so do head down to catch a glimpse of it before its gone!

They have loads and loads of apparels, i kid you not! 
I had a fun time browsing through the wide selection:)
They have accessories, bags and misc items like iphone covers as well!
I loved the different designs they have as well, to cater to people with different taste:)
As you can see there are mono colour geometric skorts, and various printed versions as well!
I call this the "girly rack", cos it has the pastel, sweet colours like pink and florals!
And of course i was attracted to florals and basic white tops, definitely my favs ;)

I was obviously very serious about shopping hehe.
They house some really quirky stuff as well!
These unique printed pouches aren't just pouches, they contain matching eye masks inside!
Nikks and I were quite fascinated with these hehe.
See, its so pretty!! 
This is my fav print there hehe.

F supermarket houses many of your favourite brands as well! 
Check out the whole long list of shops! Excited yet?;)

And i thought i'll just show you guys some of the items i liked/picked out from the racks:)
Here's a grey tweed mermaid skirt, which is of pretty good quality! 
And this burgundy neoprene-like panel skirt, the material for this is seriously good!
And i've been looking for a basic ribbed top for the longest time ever since it goes with anything!
This one is from SetApart :)

Pricing wise, i was pleasantly surprised. Most of the apparels i spotted were around $21-26! Which is really affordable imo, and even cheaper than getting them online sometimes! 

After shopping around we were treated to lunch, buffet style!
Thank you CKL for providing us with this spread!:)

So yes, do head down to Bugis Cube, Level 6 to shop at F Supermarket!;)

I'm updating this from the business class lounge at the airport btw, heading off to Nepal later on!:)
I'll try to update whenever i can so see you guys in a bit!

Till the next;

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