Friday, 6 June 2014

Everyday Makeup Tutorial!

Hey everyone!!:) I know this is a highly requested post (got so many requests on askfm and email><) so here it is!:) Sorry it took so long :x

Lets start off with the base first :) Here are the products i use for my base:
Laneige Water Primer (Green) 
Laneige BB Cushion in Natural No.21

I use a water based primer cos it feels lighter and more easily absorbed. The thicker ones tend to feel more gooey and i just keep having the perception that its pore clogging haha. So yes, i've been using this for quite some time now and so far so good! Laneige has different shades for this primer but i chose green cos it evens our redness and my skin is easily prone to redness!

Now for foundation, previously i was using Garnier's Miracle Skin Perfecter BB, which actually suits my skin tone THE BEST so far, out of all the BBs i've tried. But i find that its not so resistant to humidity, perspiration etc as compared to Laneige's BB Cushion, whose staying power is much better in my opinion. 

Both has its pros and cons so for the moment i'm alternating between the two:) Laneige's provides a dewy finish (for those who have dry skin/ wants korean-like complexion this one will be good) while garnier's one has a slightly matte-r finish. If you're a huge Laneige fan, they have a new version of the BB Cushion which comes in matte version, i think it has pore minimizing properties as well so for people with combination skin that will be better for you:) I'm thinking of converting to that after i finish my current Laneige one as well! 

So this is after applying primer, a bit of concealer and Laneige's BB Cushion:

Next step, i use loose powder! Im using Korres' Mineral Setting Powder
I know loose powder is kinda meant to be the last step, but i find that for me it works better if i use loose powder to set the foundation first. Because i tend to use powder blush and with the dewy finish of the foundation, the blush will go on streaky and its very hard to blend. 

So yes, after applying the loose powder (compare this pic to the one above) i'm sure you can tell its more matte! (pardon the cui face T.T i only had 3 hours of sleep zzz)

Next, blusher! I must say out of all the diff makeup products im more of a blush person, cos its all too pretty XD I have lots of favourites which i'll share about in another post on makeup stash (as requested as well). So just for this post, im using Canmake's Powder Blush in 01! I got this from Japan last year but i'm sure its avail in spore as well, though pricing wise more hefty.

When applying blush, just smile and apply it to the apples of your cheek. There are several techniques to applying blush but the most fail proof one is applying in the center/a slight distance away from your nose, then blending in a slightly upward motion towards the cheekbones.
Next, highlight! Ever since i've discovered the magic of highlighting, this is one step i def cannot do without! My fav highlighting product of all time is also from Canmake:)
Compare the below pic to the one above and i'm sure you can tell there is a difference esp at the nose bridge, chin and cheekbones cos those are the areas you should apply highlight on:)

Brush/tap on the product in a upward motion along the cheekbones~
Do the same for your nose bridge~ (chin as well)
Yup and of cos after highlighting, you should complement it with shading to make the effects much better! Def a step i can't skip as well! Im using KATE's eyebrow powder as a contour cos it works really well for my skin tone:) 

Apply it down the sides of your nose, it should be on both sides flanking the area you just applied highlight on just now. I like to apply it all the way from where my brow starts so that its more defined. Make sure you blend it well!
 Here's an upclose pic of the highlighter/contour powder!
 And full pic of above used products:)

Ok so, i always do eye makeup last cos it takes the most time! I use my Urban Decay Naked Palettes (I own version 1 & 3) most often for eye makeup cos its pretty much fool proof and easy to apply!
For this tutorial i'll be using version 3, which mostly consists of Rose hues which im nuts about haha! Too pretty don't you think ^^
For my eyeshadow base, i use the shade "Limit". Its a brown-ish taupe shade that works as a nice natural canvas on you lids.
This is how it looks like:
Apply the base all over your lids, i like to extend it slightly out cos it gives me an estimate where i should put my darker contour shade later on.

Next, i apply the shade "Nooner " using the edge of the eyeshadow brush so that it creates a shape as seen below, like an arrow pointing outwards. The place where your eyeshadow base ends should be the point you draw these two lines.

The arrow shaped lines should act as a guide. Fill in the areas between the arrow lines by tapping ( not brushing cos its too harsh) on more product gently in the same shade, then blending it using the eyeshadow brush with inward strokes.
This is how it'll look like:

After that, i use a mix of "Buzz" and "Trick" (golden/shimmery pink hues) on the centre of the lid, to add dimension. Its not obvious here but it definitely makes a difference in real life;) 
Then, use any light coloured shade to highlight the inner corners of your eyes for the wide eye doe look or simply to look more awake, this is one of my fav steps!

Next, i use the darkest shades of the palette as eyeliner to define the eyes in a less harsh way as compared to traditional liquid/pencil eyeliners which i do not like. My usual way of applying is to trace it from middle of the lash line all the way out, till where the contour shade ends. I curve it out at the end with a flick (like how you'll do a normal cat eye with eyeliner) so it gives a lifted effect and it makes me look more awake. The usual shade i use from the palette is "Darkside".
As you can see i only start from the halfway mark, cos the inner half i like to use a lighter shade sometimes to create the gradient effect.

And tadah im done!:) You can add mascara or smth but i don't usually use that unless its a very special occasion cos i think my lashes' length is pretty decent already:) So usually i just curl it with my trusty Shu Uemura lash curler!

Oh and of cos don't forget to apply some gloss at least! I used Dior's Lip Maximizer below. Its the fuss free transparent shade that suits everyone:) I'm really into lip colours now so i'll usually opt for diff shades depending on which look im going for:) If you guys would like a more comprehensive guide on lip colours for diff looks just leave me a comment on askfm:)
Here's the final look!:) 
I like to keep things more natural in general and usually the focus will be on my eyes:) For you if you have other features you want to emphasize then change the makeup routine to suit your own features:)!

 Oh, the lighting for the above pics are slightly dark/orangey idk why.
Here's what it'll more or less look like under natural lighting:

Thats all i have for you guys:) Any queries/additional requests do leave me a comment on askfm and i'll reply you asap!

Also, i do have other diff variations of the above products i used which might suit diff people better based on skin tones, so if yall want a guide on that feel free to ask too! Basically that'll become a "My Makeup Stash" post, with guides on each product:)
Hope this tutorial is useful though im sure i have lots of room for improvement haha, im not a pro at this so do pardon xD 

Till the next;

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