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BKK Day 1

[SORRY FOR THE 2 WKS HIATUS!! Was in Japan but i'm back now:))]

Hey guys!! So excited to do up this post cos bangkok has been nothing short of amazing for a 3D2N getaway:) It was kinda a impromptu trip cos my dad had to fly there for a work trip and we decided to join him! We took JETSTAR which is a budget airline. Most people take budget airlines to bkk if im not wrong, i mean it doesn't make sense to spend so much on a SQ plane ticket for a 2 hour ride!

Anyways it was our very first time taking a budget airline and unfortunately something was wrong with the plane's engine and we had to transfer to another plane, causing about a 2 hour delay -_-

However i think we are just lucky that it was a safe trip and that we changed plane! I don't think this happens very often, probably just out luck? Oh but for a budget airline and a small plane (which scared me), Jetstar's planes are pretty stable! It was a comfy flight with very minimal turbulence at all and i felt pretty safe!
& this is the hotel we stayed in, Centara! Its a very new hotel and i really like it!
Its super comfy, new and most importantly clean! I've heard alot of stories about gross hotels in bkk, and when i saw the rooms in centara i was sold, its not say super atas but its rly quite good alr!

Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel
567 Ratchaprarop
Makkasan, Ratchathewi
Tel: +6626251234
Super comfy beds that i loved, everything was neat and clean! Oh and they have this flowy scarf(?) painting at the back which turned out to be quite fun for picture taking hahaha. #candidshotofmycousin
It was quite hard to take a nice picture of the room but basically i was very pleased with it. Oh and its a 5 minute walk away from Platinum Mall, one of BKK's most famous malls! Pricing wise its very fair as well, about 100+ per night, as compared to Novotel (which is pricey at 200+ cos its right beside Platinum and anyways it was fully booked).
Had breakfast in the hotel, they had a pretty decent selection of pastries, soups, diff rice and noodles, salad, fruits, an egg counter, little snacks like dimsum and hot dogs etc.

& selcas before i left the hotel cos we woke up earlier and had extra time (for once hahaha) ;)
Oh and did i mention... centara's lighting is so good hahahaha! But pardon the messy hair, having a bad hair day after the flight haha.

used my Catrice eyeshadow palette which has 4 shades to do a really simple look with winged eyeshadow. Loving the effect but the colour tends to melt and smudge onto my undereye which is not a good thing :x partly due to the weather, and this kinda happens if i use the urban decay palette as well. So i tink i'll need a shadow primer and something to set the colour!

 & these below are taken using my cam (Sony NEX F3), just look at the diff in quality @.@ iphone front cam is rly quite...meh.

 My highlights are becoming more obvious after quite a few washes, love the colour hehe.

 & then my couz joined in haha

all smiles wheee

 okay end of spastic photos
& okay that was alot of selcas.. i blame it on the good lighting hahahaha. 

 Some pictures captured by my cousin!

 "WHEEE IM SUPERMAN" -flying cape in the background so apt-

& then off we were to explore BKK!
First stop, Union Mall:) We arrived 45mins early (it opens at 11am sharp) cos we expected a jam but there wasn't any.. so we explored the areas near union mall:) The first thing we saw? This sleepy dog wearing a cute denim vest hahaha so cute.
Street sights of bangkok.

Taking pictures cos we were really so bored, 45mins early is no joke @.@
We shopped for about 4-5 hours in total with a lunch break in between! I really love the shops in Union Mall, its more unique cos its by their local designers, the owners are friendly and open to bargaining if you ask nicely or buy more:) Its not really a wholesale mall but surprisingly it was much easier to bargain here than in Platinum. And it was MUCH less crowded with more space to view the items properly. I'd definitely recommend Union Mall as the first place to go cos all the nice stuff are there!! I'll show you guys my buys from union mall below!

Random lunch in union mall:) It was surprisingly good and super cheap! One of my fav meals of the trip:) Cos... i love phad thai yay!

Took my OOTD outside union mall! 

Ombre Lace Dress from Lace&Ebony
Bag from EZ
Shoes from Online (forgot which preorder shop)

 Review: I'm not really super into the ombre trend but this one is done so nicely with the mix of orange-red and white, super pretty! The waistband is made of lace with floral embossments, major loveee <3 The length is pretty okay, a little bit short but i think its still acceptable:) Features adjustable straps which doesn't slip/move placement, unlike some chiffon ones! Material is cotton, quite soft and comfy, but crinkles quite easily so ironing is definitely needed! Overall a nice buy, love the ombre effect and the unique waistband!

& outside union mall... we found.... COCONUT ICE CREAM!
This isn't the highly raved/super famous one that everyone instas but for 35baht this is rly good!! Seriously food in bangkok is just... heavenly.

After shopping for like 5 hrs at union mall... we headed straight to Platinum, crazy i know! Our legs were literally breaking already but thankfully we had a nice nap on the taxi due to the jam so we felt more rested and energized when we reached Platinum!

& because we bought so many things... we had to specially buy these giant canvas bags to put everything in haha. Super auntie but its okay it really helped!!

 & the macs sculpture in thailand is... pretty unique hahaha
 We took a tuk tuk back to our hotel though its a 5 min walk cos we wanted to experience the famed tuk tuk hahah. It was fun leh!! Other than the exhaust fumes and polluted air, the crazy driving was actually...thrilling. ;)

Unpacked immediately when we reached our room haha!
Buys from union mall!!<3 Me and kayleigh(my couz) tried on our stuff the moment we got back to the hotel and im so happy cos all of them fits well!!

Victory pose lol!! Conquered union mall and Platinum!!

Haha see what i mean by trying on immediately? XD
Bought this furry jacket which is SO PRETTY from one of the stalls at level 3/4! Its the first item i bought, costs about 450 baht which is $18 and its so worth it!! My cousin bought a matching one in black and we are gonna wear it for our Japan trip later on in december wheeee
Comfy Slouchy Embroidery Top! About $14:) Super cooling and the cut is good, embroidery details are also nicely sewn on!

Navy Corduroy Suede Dress (supposedly from korea)
Me and couz got matching ones again haha, she got rust while i got navy!

Metallic Silver Thread Lantern Skirt (One of my fav buys from the trip cos the quality is really good and its so pretty in real life with the unique blue and silver interwoven threads!)

I also bought some stocks for willowfawn! I had a hard time hunting down all the pretty items of GOOD quality to import in:) But luckily i found some really awesome quality ones!! Show yall below:)

Tadah this one is my fav!! Floral skorts in light and dark shades, this one is the light shade! One is more feminine and the other is more oriental and mysterious;) I assure 100% that the quality, material and workmanship of this piece is so so awesome!! Brought in this in both colours without hesitation! Keep a lookout for it on willowfawn! Although the cost price is more but this really is super pretty and quality is mad awesome, like even better than topshop!

Day 2's post to be up soon!


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