Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Daddy's word of advice to me the other day, regarding boys.
" Never go for the most handsome one,
Nor the one you love the most.
Go for the one who loves you the most."

I've never delved into this thought. 
But seeing a real life example recently.. it was really thought provoking.
 I saw for myself, how the one you fall so deeply in love with may sometimes fail you.
And how it happened to someone close to me, that made it even more real.
As much as we wished our life could be fairytale like, dramas don't happen in real life.
I'm a huge fan of love stories but i think.. i'm accepting the fact that what my dad said makes sense.

And just like that, the way i perceive love to be has changed.
A little less on the dreamy side now.

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