Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Mane and Glory

Whoopdeedoo! I'm finally doing up this post after getting requests on askfm and emails!

Basically it'll be a post feat...

//Everything about curls//
//Hair products i use//

So above are pictures of when i tie up my hair and let it down. As you can see the curls are more defined when tied up! When let down its move voluminous though!

Common FAQs:
1)Where did you get your soft perm done? 
2)How much does it cost? 
3)How long does it last?
4) What is soft perm?
5)How to maintain the curls?
6)What products do u use to keep your hair soft and silky(as on askfm)

Okay hahahaha, asnwers to questions 1-4 can be found  HERE! I did a full length post on that before so do check it out there, as for pricing its on askfm:)
 Now to answer qn 5, "How to maintain the curls"....
Tadahhhh these are the two only products i use to maintain my curls! Hooray for your pockets eh?;)

Okay so after washing my hair, i towel dry them and apply Loreal Play Ball, the product on the left. A 50cent amount is sufficient for the lower half of my hair, for my length that is. Just rub it on yr palms and spread them through yr hair focusing on the lower half where the curls are, easy peasy!:) 

Then, i blow dry using a hairdryer (model: Panasonic Ionity). Now the trick to getting soft and smooth hair without using salon techniques lie here, i know this overlaps with the next qn but bear with me cos i have to describe it in sequence. SET THE HAIRDRYER MODE TO COLD WIND. Yups, every time i blow dry my hair i only use the cold wind mode, because though the hot air mode saves a lot of time it is very drying and damaging for the hair. The cold air mode does miracles heh. 

Okay i basically anyhow/randomly blow dry without using any salon techniques because this is the way you're gonna get volume for your hair. Just use a big fluffy brush to make it look more presentable later on. If you want very defined curls, when blowing dry, twist yr hair using yr fingers to give it more shape.

And then after that i spritz on some of the Ma Cherie Perfect Shower Curls Mist to set the curls and tadah you're set to goooooo! 


Okay moving on to question 6!:))
"How do you keep your hair soft and silky?" (from askfm)

I'd have to say i don't have perfect silky soft hair but its manageable and relatively shiny, good enough for me haha. 

Here's a better pic upclose, unedited:

 That pic was taken in japan, maybe the water/wind/air was better or smth idk but it looks better than normal days hahahhaha

Okay so anyways here are the hair products i use!!
(I don't use conditioner btw! it weighs down my hair too much)

Loreal Smooth Intense Serum
Loreal Extraordinary Oil
Loreal Mythic Oil
Style Moroccan Argan Hair Moisturizer

As you can see im pretty much reliant/a big fan of loreal hair products, simply because.. they really work miracles for me :)

Now i actually arranged it in order of price (style hair moisturizer nt included), the smooth intense is the cheapest and mythic oil is the most expensive. However, my TOP FAV/MOST TRUSTY/MIRACLE product is... the Smooth Intense Serum, the cheapest one! (Double yay for yr pockets anyone?!) 

For me, the smooth intense and extraordinary oil works best if i apply it before bedtime rather than in the day. When i wake up my hair will be miraculously in much better condition, esp for the Smooth Intense Serum ;) 

For mythic oil, it works best for me if i apply it before heading out, like a mid day/morning fix. It does a pretty decent job of taming flyaways and keeping frizz at bay when you head out and humidity attacks. 

As for the Style Hair Moisturizer, its not a serum, more like a cream and i have to say i didn't like it at first cos its reeeeeallly thick! The consistency i mean. But it really does moisturize very well and makes my hair soft. I'd only apply this to the lower ends though cos as mentioned it is thick and abit sticky. 


Last question!!! (im tired alr its 12:11am ><)
"How do you keep your bangs in place?"

This is a question alot of my friends with fringe ask, not so much from readers because photos and real life conditions are diff. Esp when the wind blows like cray and my fringe more or less stays in place and my friends are like "why yr fringe can stay in place one!!!" hahahah XD

Ermmm im sorry guys for this i have no secret :x except that i've had fringe/bangs since forever and it kinda just stays in place without me bothering.... :/

Okay but a tip, hair powder does help it stay in shape/place. The one i have at home is a hair/body powder from Principessa and its called Bianco Breeze. I got it from Sephora about 3yrs back(?) and i still havent used finish, a little goes a long way! For about $45 it may seem pricey but it really can last very very long, because i use it on a daily basis and it lasts for more than 3 years. And it really works + smells uber nice just saying:)

Okay end of a lengthy post im really sleepy now!! 
Gdnite my owls.



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