Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Story of Ginger Beer

Heyall! Ready for the second installation of the Austria trip? :)

So i ended off with pictures from the first day the prev post, continuing with pics taken at night(first day)! 

Cos i went there during Xmas, i got to see their Christmas Markets which is apparently a big part of their culture:) The atmosphere is really nice, everyone is totally into the Xmas mood, buying sweet treats and singing while drinking German beer haha!

Thats us buying some gingerbread! Which was pretty yums btw ;)
& then we roamed the streets abit cos it was free time:)

Look i spotted this Salvatore Street hehehe! <3 my salvatore brothers heh. Esp Damon >)

Like really, all the buildings there are SO pretty. So ancient-y and intricately carved.
Haha and there was this line of shops with 'scary' gargoyle-looking thingys popping out. My mum didn't like them but i thought it was quite cute leh. XD
So the first day was spent like that, just soaking up the atmosphere and getting used to the timing to prevent jetlag:)

Here's 2nd day!! A ferry trip to visit one of King Ludwig's castles:)

LOL i tell you, whenever my dad and bro goes to somewhere with water they'll do this titanic pose lolol! Their signature pose hehe.

Omg my daddy ah ><><

Snow mountains at the back!:) Pretty<3

Once again i am attempting to make my bro pose a lil bit cooler hahaha. Trying to bring out the inner model in him cos he always smiles awkwardly one!!
& i unexpectedly snapped this shot, cool anot 8D

K so thats for 2nd day's ferry trip! Will be continued next time haha:)
Ending off with a pic of my otd during the CNY Flea!

I'm wearing Apparelize's Glitter Sequin Top in Peach, Willowfawn's Lara Swirly Skirt in Yellow and Kelsey Clutch in Mint! :) 

Review for the Apparelize Top can be found here cos i reviewed it in mint before! I love this top so much so i got it in two colours:) Definitely a good decision cos its so versatile and subtly chic with the embellishments:) This shade of peach is a really sweet one as well, goes with alot of colours imo! 

Oh yes, and last but not least, thank you EVERYONE who came down to the flea to support!!! LOVE YOU GUYS TTM :))))) It was my first flea event for Willowfawn and i would say it was a success overall!:) 
Although the management was RLY bad and the location was horrible, it was def an eye opener for me and next time I know which flea organizer to trust. Im def going scape for fleas next time. If you want to know which flea organizer i recommend/don't recommend, send me an email! I'll be more than happy to help:) 

Hokay bye!!  Got an extra big angpow this year hehe, thanks to all who came down in the scorching sun to shop with us and show support<3

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