Sunday, 14 April 2013

Fresh, Seaberry

Outing with LFC <3
Love this bunch of crazy doods :))) It was a food + movie trip cos we are movie junkies ;))
 Pingz snapped some polaroids :) [omg sry idk why i cant flip it>< ]
 Hanshu and seah having a photography competition,see who can capture the nicest polaroid snapshot. #photoception
We watched Wreck It Ralph btw! It was SUPER NICE:) I always love animated films:) But this one is exceptionally good, we all got super shocked by the twist in story! The notion was cool as well, do watch this if you haven't! I think its on DVD alr:)

Kayz and it was a simple relaxing meal at MOS burger cos we all love our rice burgers!! My fav one is the ebi rice burger, it is awesome max >D
 Chay is one of the skinniest out of LFC but she eats alot hahaha XD Here she is posing proudly with ehr two burgers LOL
 When i went home i was happily surprised by the loots which arrived ^^ My marked down market parcel has arrived! I bought 3 items at super good deals ;) Will review once i actually wear them out hehe.

 & i finally had some sugar fix from M&S! Percy piglets and Honeycomb choc! The choc is SUPER NOMZ PLS TRY IT YOU WILL NOT REGRET hahha
 Popped by Sephora as well cos i was attracted by the new NAKED palette launch haha.
Got this FRESH Spa Escape Beauty box!
 Comes with moisturizer, seal salt scrub and a lip balm:) It was at a sale price of about $35:)
 Tadah! My fav buy of the day, the new NAKED BASICS PALETTE<3
 It is seriously awesome:) The colours are so wearable, pigmented and easily blendable! I tried it once i got home;)

 Here's the final look! I used the shades Faint, Crave and Venus for this look:) & I also created a few other looks! Lmk if you guys want a mini tutorial for the looks of smth:)

 The colours are matte btw, non shimmery:) I actually prefer it this way, though its nice to have abit of shimmer sometimes ;)

 of course, not forgetting, my OOTD :) Quite alot of pics for this outfit:)

Lace Crop Top- Amber Avenue
Topshop Inspired Embellished Skirt- Wonderstellar
Fur Clutch- Claire's (US brand)
Black Booties- Wild Child

Review(Wonderstellar's Topshop inspired skirt):
Bought this at about $30mailed, which i think is actually quite ok since its an intricate piece! This piece has a slight A line cutting and looks like a bodycon skirt, but isn't too body hugging. I really like the design and embellishments on the skirt, its sewn on quite tightly and the silver threads which make up majority of the pattern is really pretty as well:) The only flaw i can find with this piece is the material, its made of rather rough thick cotton which imo looks abit low quality. The design makes up for it though, so its an okay buy overall:)

k, ending off with some funny internet memes/9gags i found!

Here's Les Miserables in emoticon form hehe

And our unique singlish hahhaaha

haha hope you guys aren't too disgusted!! i found it quite funny leh XD 

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