Friday, 1 February 2013

Swirl Beryl, Swirl.

Sorry for starting off with my face la, cos it was my aunt's wedding sometime back and i dressed up ma, so take chen ji take photo lolol.
Wearing a crystal necklace and my favorite Pearl Ribbon Hairtie from Willowfawn!

Weddings are always a happy occasion! All smiles hehe

 Chose to let my hair down in a side swept style after tying it up. #foreverfickle

& I decided to wear my Love Bonito Nathalia Dress in Beryl XS to the wedding! I think its the perfect occasion to wear this pretty, elegant but slightly dresse dress hehe.

Love Bonito Nathalia Dress in Beryl XS

Review:Bought this dress during LB's 20% storewide discount so it was priced at about $25 which is pretty okay. Made of chiffon with inner lining, so more or less not sheer. There is anti slip at the sweetheart portion too, which is good! I like the flowy effect it gives becos of the fishtail hemline and the light material. Very nice shade of beryl too, which is a moss green-blue shade, somewhat like mint but abit darker. XS fits me well with slight allowance at the waist and ptp, length is just nice also, about one inch off the ground:) However at the upper portion there is like 2 plastic strips to give it a structured shape, but i think its not s very good method :/ Cos it pokes into my waist and its uncomfortable. Then i realised its becos the strips of plastic are jutting out from the dress alr, which means it cut through the dress. I wore it for less than 3 hours w/o vigourous movements and this happened, so i was quite disappointed with this aspect. Don't know if its just me or is LB's quality dropping abit :/

My favourite angmo boys were there at the wedding too! Running around with the other kids lol, hold hands with random girls somemore. Sigh, innocent love.

Aidan boy!<3 Love max :)

Kay so as you can tell the lighting at the wedding place was horrible lol, super dark. So no more pics sry!

And I promised an update on school life right?:) Life is still slack now (its like prre-orientation period now as im typing this!) so i shall show you some of the ROFL convos we have, cos we are too bo liao + bored!

This is a convo between boss tham and sylvie haha.

Lololol boss tham is forever funny hehe<3 

Here's my somewhat tired bare face, after CCA! Which ended at 7.30pm...

Yeap so other than my hiong CCA (choir), the rest of the time im kinda slack haha. 
Went to my favvvv Sogurt 3 times in a wk with LFC!
Here's us hobo-ing in sogurt hehe.
Act shu nv only lolol. All fake one XD
& this is the collar pin, which i have lost 2 so far... TWO omg -_- cost me 3 bucks :/

this will be my otd for the next 2 years... kinda sad but at least its better than ny uniform :x

& this is how i look like on CCA days... com home just plop on the bed like a dead fish x.x

On non CCA days aka slack IP week days i zi high by myself after ending school at around 11 or 12 :D
I look crazy hahaha

Oh yeah! & I went back to school to collect O lvl higher chinese result some time back:) Got a pleasant surprise!! :) Received a Distinguished Achiever Award and Plaque :) Totally forgot there is such an award lol, when i went back then they suddenly give.
Btw the plaque looks nice but totally can't stand well lol.
& our class pic! taken outside audi:D Can you spot me haha. The not tall but act tall go stand last row one.

To end off... here's a 9gag hehe. Pardon the vulgarities! I didn't make this lol. But its quite funny haha
K bye! Hopefully orientation will be nothing but FUN & FRUITFUL :)

OH before i forget, i'm having a flea today at Bugis area, exact address on the poster! Lotsa other blogshops like ASHINCANS, WONDERSTELLAR will be there as well!

I will be selling many of my BNIB ITEM FRM LOVEBONITO, HVV, TTR, MGG, ZARA ETC at prices from $3-$15

So do drop by and say hi!!:)

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