Friday, 8 February 2013

Seven heaven!

Hello hello! As usual this post is going to be overdue! Today is 28 Jan, 9pm as I am typing this post out! However, i predict that it will only be published sometime in late Feb/ early March haha, simply cos I have quite a few fully done draft posts still in queue to be posted:) See, hardworking anot? ^_^ Or maybe I'm just kiasu, prep alot of post beforehand so that can update even when im reaaaaaally too busy!

Sooo sometime in late Dec, it was Caiwen my choir buddy's bday! So we planned a bday surprise for her! All of us were supposed to meet early at Najwa's freaking big 3 storey bungalowish house haha.

This is Bobby/Angel! Quite a boisterous doggy haha.

 Me and syl were the only 2 on time, so we tried to take pics with Bobby to kill time lolol
 Yay good shot >)
 Bobby doesn't like you sylvia lolol
 & we took some selcas:) And erm, sylvia decided to pose with a... pinecone. 0.0
PS/note how i never use "camwhore"? I always use the term selca, "camwhore" sounds too vulgar to me. And does it make sense to call yourself a "whore"? -_- Those who don't know what that mean can erm, google it..
 homaigawd i'm so lucky to capture this pic of sylvia!! Ultimate scariness O_O 
Look at those fiery eyes!!
 So we were slacking at Najwa's house while the rest were taking MRT lolol.
This is the greeting Naj, Muiz and Yipz sent to us hahaha
 Yipz captioned this "Sexy Najwa" and got "OIIIII" at by Naj hahaha
 & here... is the start of our ridiculous conversation! 
We were supposed to bake a rainbow cake for Caiwen, as a surprise, but then in our group convo nutella and cake was mentioned, which is a huge giveaway!! (I anxiously posted that cos syl asked about the cake ingredients) So then we realized it and started our plan to cover up the mistake~
 Solution was to spam the LFC convo completely so that caiwen won't bother reading through it( we know that cos she's rly bochap abt these things haha)
 Spamming in progress...

 And this yiping ah!!! LOLOL
 This is the ultimate spam- the caterpillar!
Its super long k, and takes really long to scroll through it so we spammed alot of it heh.
 Mission accomplished! Aft that was settled we got to the baking!:)
This is Najwa's HUGE storage of baking ingredients O_O She can open minimart alr really!!!
 Hahaha this syl seah pretending to be hardworking!! see she even pose for me lol
 The colours look pretty right :D

 No pics of the final cake cos it kinda disintegrated after putting it in the fridge... A rainbow cake is not that easy to make >< But anyways we managed to surprise caiwen!! She had no idea bout the surprise which meant we succeeded ;D

& here's dinner!
 Birthday girl CW sitting in her 'throne' trololol
 Bare faced us looking tired! Cos we stayed up late + slept on the cold floor(with sleeping bag lolol) in Naj's living room the prev night after the party!
 The next day was family day:) And it was raining + super cold so i was happy that i could wear my floral knit out hehe. 

Snidel Floral Knit (Green) 
LB Sander Shorts in White, XS
Owl Satchel

Review: Bought this on Gmarket some time back:) Loved this design so much that i got it in pink too! Both are really gorgeous and i love them to bits! Will post pics of the pink one when i wear it out :D Its made of quality knit material, quite thick but not scratchy:) A very comfy piece! Bought this at about 28, which i think is an okay price considering the lovely floal design, quality of material and workmanship! The stitchings are well done, as you can see in the upclose above:) No loose threads as well and I don't think the threads will loosen easily:) Not to mention there is a super cute scallop hemline! ^^ All in all a very satisfactory buy! I think I'm gonna shop more @ Gmarket from now on hehe.

We went to IMM to buy a new sofa, though i thought there was no need to! Our current sofa is working fine leh. But daddy wanted to change it so :/

But anyways IMM is newly renovated and I love it even more now ^^ Now its like, going the factory outlet style so there are alot of renowned shops offering huge discounts:) But i'm more interested in the food shops hehe. Mumsie bought twelve cupcakes for me YAY <3

 & i've been eating alot of happy food lately :) 
Sogurt is my new food obssession hehe. I've been there thrice in a week XD
SO yummeh omg must try the lychee bursts!!
 & i was craving korean food so i whipped up some Ddeobokki Ramen :D One of my fav korean food!

 & i finally got new shoes for the new school year:) After 10 years of wearing plain white shoes now can finally wear some coloured ones! But this Nike + Addidas pair hurts though! Caused some blisters tsk.

PS/ Just found out that my orange shoelaces are too bright and thus considered to be 'illegal' in school -_-

kay bye!

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