Thursday, 28 February 2013

Reminiscence; A Hop In Time

Heylo!! As promised before, i will do a "Time Machine" series! Showing yall the past to present me, I can assure you yall will be shocked lol. At how horrendous i looked last time. Not that im v 'gd' now, but you know, its definitely better..

Ok here's baby me! Look at all the baby fats... and the bowl cut lol.

 See how shu nv(ladylike) i was from young LOL. Totally can tell how awesome i was -_-
 With my dearest grandaunt and granduncle!<3
P4 probably! 
&... i had an overtrimmed/layered fringe. But still quite cute(?) no??

 P5 era. Don't judge k! Frameless specs + the extreme side fringe was totally coolio then. hahaha
PS/ thats baby brandon!! He's so big now :')

 P6 prob! Started having straight bangs! Face still quite small, in one of the skinniest periods of my life.
 & then boom! Puberty hit me hard, became instantly uglified. LOL. With thick caterpillar eyebrows and smaller eyes idk how in the world that could happen omg kill me now i cant stand it -_-
 Sec 2, with niko! Brows somewhat trimmed but in a manner that made me look fierce, and i dont like that. Face roundified, too much good food + starting to feel old and thus not want to exercise. #excuses
 Sometime in the later part of sec 2. Omg so freaking horrible, overtrimmed eyebrows and FUGLY rebonded hair. What was i thinking?!?! I now know how ugly rebonded hair looks on me. Shall embrace my natural curls lol.
 Sec 3 i tink, face still round. and fat. Eyebrows somewhat better, less fierce. Beautiful background ugly duckling me.
 BTW just to show you how impt angles are, this is taken on the same day as the pic above. Totally diff right. Lol. Nose looks MUCH sharper, eyes look MUCH bigger and face looks MUCH smaller. Power of angles. I swear this is not photoshopped, cos idk how to use photoshop anyways.
 Sec 4 with niko!<3 If you look at the prev pic i took with nics you'll see she changed alot too hahaha. 
Somewhat more defined face shape(front view), better brows, more natural hair.
 Sec 4 mid year; nicer eyes(imo), slimmer face, brows about the same.
 Sec 4; 3/4 of the year. Sharper nose, bigger eyes and slimmer face. Partly thanks to makeup cos it was prom night. haha
 Sec 4 end of year. Embracing the natural curls.  AKA now, since its just a few months apart.
 Another pic taken around the same time, during Xmas party:)

 So yes my transformation has been somewhat horrible but in the end turned out better, thankfully.
As you can see from the pic below.

 Like seriously i think its quite a big change, not sure how but it just turned out like that. A few wks ago when I went to a wedding, I saw relatives I haven't seen in approx 7 years. No need to say they were all really shocked lol. I heard alot of "OMG cannot recognize you!! Are you really tingting!" (yes my family calls me tingting). Even more kua zhang, one of my aunt asked me if i did plastic surgery fml. I must have been really horrible last time -_- K anyways i DIDNT do any surgery or whatsoever just so you know, haha.Yea so thats the story of my "time machine" >_<

Kays and here's the CNY Bellabox review! Its so overdue omg someone shoot me now :(

YAY $5 SaSa voucher again hehehe. 
Snail Mask + Cream
The Skin Food Berry Toner and Emulsion pack
Cyber Colours Lip Stick

The snail mask was pretty good actually, had instantly brighter skin:)
Japanese Hair Care Set
Skinmiso Nose pore set

Ok I've tried the Hair Care set and well tbh i don't think its that good. :/ My hair felt dry even after using the conditioner. As compared to this, the Ma Cherie conditioner works much better, and smells nicer too.
This is actually one of my fav product(s) from this month's box!:) It smells so nice ^^ Has moisturizing properties:)
& here is the lipstick! A girly shade of pink:) Quite moisurizing too!
& After CCA last week the fam decided to go to Turf City which is really near my house for dinner! Turf City is located at Bukit Timah and its newly revamped! It has lotsa nice food now!! Went there 2 times so far and the food really is of quite good standard:)

Had Jap Cuisine!!
Sashimi set yums:)
BBQ Beef
My fav chawanmushi!
& i ordered a Pork Don Set:) Came with sashimi, soup and watermelon as well! The meat was nice and thinly sliced, i'm not a fan of any kind of meat but this was pretty nice!:)
& the next day was Saturday so its Malaysia day~

Here's my ootd! Taken at a wall @ my malaysia house's carpark:)

H&M Mint Furry Knit
MNG Pearl Mesh Skirt
Wonderstellar Camel Creeper

Review(Wonderstellar shoes): First time buying shoes from Wonderstellar, didn't have high expectations cos i know most blogshops ship in their shoes from china/bangkok and quality isn't as good as those manufactured ones. This pair is quite okay though, its not mad comfy but at least its not uncomfy and it doesn't cause blisters for me. I took a sz 36 and it fits well. My usual size is 36. Its made of faux leather which is the hard kind so its kinda difficult to put on. Probably the only thing I like about it is the design, which is matte and has some cutouts. The height is good too:) Overall an okay buy, did not regret this cos i do like the design, very japanese-like!

& good lighting calls for selcas...

Here's an upclose btw!

& then after that it stopped raining so i went out to the garden to take more pics lol. Fattie is my photg of the day and although he was reluctant he did an okay job for his first try!

Here's fattie stoning lolol

K thats all! Hope yall enjoyed the pictures:) I shall do a house tour soon alright! Since I don't think I've showed you guys my msia house before:) Its decorated by my wonder gramps from scratch:)


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