Monday, 18 February 2013


Cheepcheep! How has everyone been doing?:) Sorry for MIA-ing! School has officially started so i'm gonna be much much more busier now, esp with choir SYF around the corner -wails-

So anyhoos, i'm blogging about CNY day 1! Eh actually is pre-CNY, cos these pics are from the reunion dinner before the first day of CNY:)

Had a good skin day! Subtle light make up for the reunion dinner, no eyeshadow shadings, just a swipe of eyeliner:)

 So reunion dinner was in Malaysia, with my gramps! I lazed around at home stoning cos i was all ready to go! For once hahahah

 Thats my adorable 5 Euro brown bunny from Austria haha. One of the cheaper things i got during the trip cos everything was expensive there!

 Fuzzy Wuzzyyyyyyyyy
Wore A for Arcade's Bailey Embellished Dress in Oxblood for the event!

Review: Priced at about $33 which i find is too pricey, considering that the dress is made of super thin polyester-ish material. Has inner lining but is very thin too>< The only good thing about the dress is the rich wine/oxblood colour imo, the embellishments are supposed to be the highlight but I don't think it really looks that nice leh. :/ Sweetheart portion non padded, also i bought sz S and its too big for me at the waist and ptp :( Has removable straps but the hooks to put in the straps are VERY fragile, i hooked one side in with minimal force and it already tore omg. Super shocked. Would have to say this is a very disappointing buy from Aforarcade aka LRH. Quality, material and workmanship(of the hooks) all not up to standard for this item :( Only wore this for cny cos its red lol><

Shoe of the day:
Suede Aztec Wedges from F21
Kays so anyways! CNY reunion dinner must start of with Yu Sheng!
  For prosperity, good health and all that stuff:) Homaigawd spot the sashimi hehehe, im addicted to sashimi nowadays!
Everyone shout HUAT AH!
Happy dad and stoner everyone else hahaha
Nice job guys, lao until quite neat heh.
Roast suckling pig, my bro's fav. I say its filled with fats hahaha
Daddy attacking the fish
Errr some meaty dish, don't really know cos i nv eat haha
Glutinous rice:)
Cripsy pancake for dessert which was yums! I had two bowls of orh ni (yam paste dessert) which was v nice too!! Im a dessert person ;)

Yay and there were FREEE firework shows after dinz! In fact, ALOT of fireworks haha. 
My neighbour (who just moved in) spam fireworks like siao and kept shouting HUAT ARH! Till 3am hahahah. I was still playing blackjack and taiti with my cousins then XD

So anyways HAPPY CNY EVERYONE:) Abit (ok very) late but still, better than nothing right?;) Hope yall got lotsa angpows!!
& here i shall end of randomly with a pic of my loots from various japanese brands!
LOVE MAX<333333333
From Snidel and Dip Drop! I love knits ;D
K bye guys! Sry for MIA-ing once again!!


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