Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Gardens By The Bay :)

Annyeong!! :) Once again i'm sorry i'm not updating as much as i promised, cos im still having GCP now. Its like some enrichment programme i have to attend.. We're like learning how to insert DNA into plasmids and to culture plant calluses in shake flasks lol XD

Okay so here's a rly overdue OTD, got this TTR Scoop Back Dress in Wine from ttr's forum ages ago and i finally wore it out!! -applause-

TTR Scoop Back Dress (wine)
Michael Kors Fur Bag
Moschino Vintage Belt
Dipdrops Kitten Flats

This dress has been reviewed so many times before i don't think i need to review right? :) But anyways its really comfy, love the soft stretchy material and colour as well! But the colour runs, that the only bad point :O 

And here's my Dipdrop (Jap brand) Meowie Flats!! Cute max right :D

Also, other than the Biore makeup removing sheets, i'm really loving this Bifesta Water based makeup remover:) Got it from watsons and its totally non oily and does a good job of removing makeup! Awesome possum ^^

Took 15 mins off to give myself a new pedicure cos the prev mint pastel one was peeling off and its so ugly :( So i tried something new this time! Metallic silver X Shimmery pink ;)

Spent my Saturday( a few weeks back de Sat LOL) @ Gardens by the bay! :) Dad suddenly said he wanted to go so we're like, ok! let's go!

*warning, pic spam ahead:)

If you look closely this pitcher plant looks like it has a face hehe so cute :)

Alot of uniquely flower flavoured ice cream!

I chose Apple Blossom, but to be honest, it tasted horrible. Like really bad :x

 Love the halloween special decos!:) Uber cute!

 Boss in the house yo

Lovepine Mint Crotchet Dress
STNY Furry Bag

Review: Bought this at $24 incld normal postage so its really worth it!:) Made of chiffon and crotchet, very cooling, good for our weather:) Its like a 2 pc design, one layer of crotchet overlay and one layer of inner mint chiffon. Elasticized at waist for a good fit but not unsightly:) Length is great for me as well but not recommended for above 160:) A good buy! A simple fuss free design:)!

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