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Graduation X Prom

Hi all!:) Today I'll let you guys in on a more private side of my life:) I have received many many questions before on formspring asking me, how old are you? & which school are you from? 

So okay, this post shall reveal all :) I took quite a fair bit of time deciding whether to post this or not but you know, i've decided that since i've alr graduated, no harm telling you guys right:)

So yes, from my distinct uniform below, i think most of u can tell that im from Nanyang Girls High :) 

Really, these 4 years in NY have not been easy at all, the stress and academic part is just like crazy haha. But actually my character is quite bo chap one XD Meaning like i don't care too much about results, like when i fail or barely pass a test (= getting B), i don't really get upset or be too affected. Ok sometimes i feel sad for 5 mins, then thats it XD Don't know if thats good or bad XD But i mean of cos i do work hard and strive for the best la so ya :) 

Anyways, I've GRADUATED :') Successfully haha! So I'll be moving on to JC next year :)
 PS/ pardon the bare face/unglam poses!

 We were all given grad bears, special ones of cos! If you see closely the bears are wearing a nanyang logo sweater:)
 Grad ceremony! See if u can spot syl the llama XD
 My sec3/4 clique:) Love these bunch of ppl so much! (except for u sylvia!! no la just kidding) XD
L-R: Me, Chay, Syl(the odd one out), Yipz, Mui, Tzeshe, Caiwen :)

My super lovely class, 4/7 :) I really love how although we have some cliques and stuff, everyone is nice to everyone, really. And we don't have politics at all:) Cos we r awesome like that :')

 My lovely IH mates!! We survived IH EE (humanities) together!! How many hours have we spent on that report lol! But the results in the end were worth it :)
L-R: Then Jia, Roujing, Me, Emelia! Em has a blog but im abit lazy to paste the link here haha, sry ems!
 My talented/smart classmates who learn so many different languages:) French, jap, korean etc:)
 Farewell gift from my bestie of 4 years, Syl:)

And here are my gifts for my crazy doodoo friends:) Furry soft notebooks! Cute anot :D

And another mystery, What Is My Real Name???
LOL ppl ask me this on fs but never once have i replied them hah. So yea, take a look at the name on the cert and you'll know:) And if you try reading it out you'll know why i decided to use Fel (nickname) instead XD SO many ppl mispronounce my name tsk. Isn't Fel a much easier way out? cos im lazy like that XD

Report book and CCA record:) Not that yall can really see anything here i think?

My graduating results lol. Not the best but aiya, its ok alr la, what more should i expect right? Who in their right minds score A1s for Chinese and LA anyways -_- if you look at my school's s chinese paper i think you'll be like wth. No really im serious. XD Math 2 has never been my strong subject so yea, that was expected as well! 

So yes people, please don't ask me on FS these few same qns again ok!:) 

Anyways, after graduation, is PROM NIGHT:))))))
My fav type of occasions cos can dress up lol. And take so many pics with my friends! Cos we usually hen shao pai zhao de. Or at least imo la hehe.

Makeup that night~ Abit sultry??? Lol idk la XD Anyhow put one, as long as it looks nice:)) Wearing my fav ELF lipstick again!<3

Wearing my fav dainty gold necklace from WILLOWFAWN for the occasion:)

 Class photo! My classmates all looked so pretty that night :))) In fact i think i was a teensy bit underdressed for the occasion?.. Na, i made it extra big so yall can see my pretty classmates:) <3 See if u can spot my form teacher!! She looks super young and hip ok XD And she's 37 i think(sry ms teo!)

Yipz, Yutzu, Syl, Me, Chay!

Another class photo cos we are awesome like that :)

Cassaye!! + Mui + Me :D

I love this pic of me and tzeshe! But its so dark in the ballroom :( Our prom night was held at Hilton hotel btw:) Pretty cool right :D But it cost us $80 bfuabfusbc.

Caiwen, Tiff, Yipz, Syl, Me!

These are my PRC friends, Chunyang and Yuanyuan :) They are amazingly helpful, nice, funny and yang yang loves vampire diaries as much as me :) So glad they are my classmates! So yes don't believe in those stereotypical stories all the time, cos alot of times it isn't true!

And here we have the vain llama syl putting on makeup last min tsk tsk ah

Well and let's just say whatever occasion is(even a super glam one like prom), it is TRADITION for me and syl to have unglam pics. XD

Boss Tham calls this Mafia Style!

Entered the Ballroom aka dining hall! @ the opp side of the table, Yipz, YT and tzeshe!

And this is our menu~ For $80 i'll just say its totally not worth it haha. The food was kinda meh. I would rather have buffet (about $20+) 3 times outside and it'll def be more worth it haha. But you know i think the $80 was for the atmosphere and environment lol

Our prom banner! My sch has this thing with banners lol! Wherever/ whatever occasion, must have gigantic banner one haha. So at sports competitions the councillors always bring the huge banner there like a boss XD

The nominees for best dressed! The one with the funky shoes is Miyeon my classmate who also happens to be korean:) and a 2NE1 fan haha

The iconic pic of Boss Tham and her maid Chay. XD She calls her Siti... -_-

And this! Is my choir friend Svena. And she looks totally jap right! Her makeup full force one hehe, she's like some cosplay expert :)

Yipz wanted the bathroom mirror shot so here you go..

Heh i asked them to make goondoo faces XD

Accessories for the night! :) "Reused" my clutch from Graces Camp to save $$ :) 

And this pillow is the doorgift trololol!! Its for people to sign on and you can keep it as a memory or something 0.0 As you can see mine isn't rellay signed cos i didn't bother XD

A pic with Ems who looked like a barbie doll that night! Her pink and layer dress really is barbie doll like:))

Here's another pic with cassay! Hehe cassy why you look so shocked XD

My tablemates!! <3y ou guys :')

Out of all the pics, this is the only normal one with sylvia hahaha

Chay my super awesome friend:)

Yuwei my musicale buddy!

With ting ting and cass my basketball/badminton buddy :)

Pretty candice! The second friend i made in NY haha, known her since sec 1:)

Jiayi, choir friend!

the ting tings! (Weiting + me)

Tzeshe my incredibly smart friend/lab buddy :) Without your help i think i would have been @.@ in practicals hahaha

And a closer look at the dress i wore for prom :)

Love Bonito's Ledea Dress in White, S

Review: Bought this eons ago but didn't have the occasion to wear it out cos i thought its considered abit formal:) But prom was the perfect occasion so i chose this dress and got lots of compliments:)! Size S is kinda big for me at the waist and ptp, prob XS would be a better fit. The upper sweetheart portion is made of crotchet-lace kinda material, the swirl designs are super pretty and classy:) The bottom portion is made of chiffon and it had a few layers to give a semi structured effect which i thought was more flattering than just one layer of chiffon. Length wise perfect for me as well, abit above the knees but not too short;) Overall for $33.50 this is super worth it! Can keep for more formal occasions:) Nothing to rant about this piece, it even has anti-slip at the sweetheart portion which is good:) 

Okay i've run out of pictures already so thats all!! Hope you guys enjoyed this post cos i spent alot of time on it XD  

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