Friday, 9 November 2012


Hola everyone!<3 How did your halloween go? :D This year quite happening right! Got horror night parties at USS, Zoo, Fort Canning etc! But sadly i didn't manage to go to any lol. Cos my bro is scared so my whole family can't go to any of the night parties tsk tsk. 

Anyways, i walked past Bread Society @ ION and saw these uber cute halloween pastries!! Mum bought their pumpkin polo bun for me to try and its awesome possum  ;)

So, my halloween was spent super normally boohoo. Just a dinner date with the fam~

TTR Basic Bandage Top in White
Ellysage Fann Maxi Skirt in Navy
Samantha Vega Lilac Bag
F21 Turquoise Cross Necklace

I've reviewed the Ellysage maxi skirt in maroon here before:) Just an addition to my previous review, this maxi skirt actually has two side panellings, which i'm fine with but i think some may find it ugly. Its like, two seams at both the right and left side, down the whole length. Its not very obvious for navy though cos its darker. Still love the super comfy and stretchy material:) And navy is a super versatile colour:) Review for the TTR top can be found here if anyone needs it:) 

Me and momsie went to far east to check out the smoochiezz flea that day:) Cos i dropped my fav mac blush and now its cracked :( So i went to look for a new blush. Still trying to see if my dropped blush can be saved though!

Got a new bottle of lotion cos i finished my Garnier lemon one :) This milk one really smells super sweet! And miky 0.0 when i smell it i dont have sugar cravings anymore lol, so i guess thats a good thing heh. Got a new ELF lipstick for prom night too:) Super loving the colour! Its my fav lipstick now, though i only have 3 lipsticks probably.. New MAC blush, ELF angled kabuki brush and matte lip colour too:)


Baked Bronzer from Urban Decay (this is from sephora)

This is the ELF lipstick! Major major love<3

 This lipstick has abit of a brownish colour which i like:) Kinda neutral but adds a nice touch of colour too ;)

okay thats all bye bye!! 


  1. You are so flawless, oh my goodness! I love your navy maxi skirt, it looks lovely on you! I'm a fashion blogger from Singapore as well and I came across your Willowfawn website a few days ago. Lovely website, by the way! (: Can't wait for updates.

    Love, Fatima (fashionpilgrim)
    Twitter: @fashpilgrim
    Instagram: @fashionpilgrim

    1. Thank you for your kind comment dear!:) I checked out yr site and it looks really nice as well!:) Thanks for dropping by!!