Thursday, 22 November 2012

Sunburst of Daisies

Heyo! I've been updating more recently right ^^ Have been trying to be more dilligent since GCP finally ended:) 

Baked Butterscotch cookies recently hehe! With my rilakkuma and duckie(whom i call anthony) cookie molds:)

The cookies are uber cute right:D The mold was a gift from syl and gang:)

And we had a movie date too! Have been waiting for Pitch Perfect since forever haha, and it was good!! Other than some gross parts( which i shall not reveal),but its worth watching!:)

TVD Basic Lace Sleeve Top (White, S)
Lacepipe Shimmer Scallop Skirt

New leather satchel with vintage hardware:) Love how it gives off a vintage schoolgirl feel:))

Review(Lacepipe): Have been eyeing this skirt since lacepipe posted previews on it on their fb page:) Love the scallop hems, nude pink shade and shimmery effect! The shimmery effect is due to the material, not due to sequins or glitter of any sort. So its not over the top, looks best under natural sunlight:) Material wise, the shimmery layer is rather thin, but its non sheer due to inner lining. I also like that there are belt loops cos the skirt is def too big for me >< But with a belt its fine la:) An okay buy overall:)

And recently i've been watching a lot of movies! Cos during school time i rarely go and watch :/ maybe once a month only? Sad life. So now im chiong watching alot of movies haha.

Caught 007 (James Bond) Skyfall with my parents! Rushed to shaw theatres after Willowfawn's shoot:)

Did a subtle smoky look with brown + plum hues in Urban Decay's Naked Palette :) And my hair is so thick now i need a haircut asap 0.0

The following day, I watched Ah Boys To Ah Men with my mum and bro:) Lol see i told you guys im spam watching everything XD

Intoxiquette Lace Popsicle Capsleeved Dress inTurquoise

Review: Bought this about a month ago and only wore it out recently haha. Succumbed to lace again >< This one has a circular lace design which is quite sturdy imo, doesn't look like the kind to unravel or spoil after a few washes. The lace part is much longer than the inner lining which is of a silky material and gives the dress its turquoise shade. Oh and the sleeves are 100% lace, no lining there at all. There is a zip at the back as well. An okay buy, would have liked it to be more fitting at the waist area so i can skip the belt :/ But quality pretty good:)

And becos its the movie theatres, i brought along a cardi:) Wearing Willowfawn's Leila Sunburst Lace Cardi here:) There are last pcs avail HERE if you guys are keen:) Its my current fav cardi! Cos the cotton is uber soft and comfy, plus the flower lace details are so so pretty :')

On a side note, Ah boys to ah men was so so only imo :O As in, i enjoyed the funny Singaporean parts, the inside jokes and things that only Singaporeans would know:) But i didn't really like the digital effects at the start of the movie :/ it just didn't make the cut imo.. and the storyline is kinda typical >< But maybe there will be a nice twist in the second part which airs during CNY i think:) Will still watch part 2 since i have alr watched part 1:)

Okay byeeee tootsies sorry for the sudden end i got a date with my bestie niko so gotta scoot! :) Tata!

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