Sunday, 29 May 2016


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who hasn't been to national gallery yet?
if you haven't, then scoot along and plan a trip there today heh!

national gallery is the new hipster place in sg, its all over instagram and everyone has been there (almost).

daniel and i went there some time back, a bit later than most but still better late than never!
the best part is its free for singaporeans and there's aircon inside the building so its easy to enjoy art without having to brave the heat!:)

the whole building was huge and we definitely couldn't explore all the nooks and crannies even though we were there for more than an hour!
but i think we managed to see the main galleries and areas:)

enjoy the visuals!:)

my top is from bangkok
skirt from osmosestores
bag from bershka
shoes from asos

m a r b l e tiles everywhere!! -inserts heart eyes-

made daniel take a photo too for memory sake hehe.
he's wearing a shirt i picked out for him when we went malaysia!:)

if you're wondering how we got these shots...
i brought a tripod hahahah
luckily we didn't get many stares while taking these!

what we think we look like:

how (lame) we actually look hahaha

we're not artsy people at all but we try, we try. 

went to raffles city for tea break after!
we had nutella cake and truffle fries at Podi.
sinful max but its alright, we enjoyed it to make the calories worth ;)

till the next;

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