Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Perth Travelogue: Islander

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hi guys! 
i know i've been missing on this space for quite some time, and... i have no more excuses other than the fact that i haven't been feeling very motivated to post here:(
i upload the photos very quickly as drafts, but when it comes to penning content, i procrastinate so so much.
time to find back the joy in writing really!

okay so anyways, if you guys follow me on instagram (@etherealpeonies) or dayre, you'd have known that i went to perth just a week ago :)
it was an amazing trip, my first overseas, non school based trip without my parents tagging along and it felt really different.
i have made new friends and deeper friendships on this trip and i'm very thankful to everyone for being so accepting and friendly!
daniel and i were the youngest on this trip and honestly we weren't of much help when it came to planning and logistics, and esp driving cos we can't drive yet!
so thank you everyone for putting so much effort into this trip, next time it'll be our turn to contribute much more:)

we took a 3am from SG and reached perth at 8am, which means it was a comfortable 5 hours flight since there's no time difference between the two countries.
this flight to perth was amazing, definitely my favourite one so far in life.
i don't know how it happened but from my right side view, i saw a dark sky filled with so many stars i was just awestrucked by its beauty and at nature's creations.
i spent quite a few good moments there reflecting on life.
and on my left side, it was bright and i saw a sunrise of so many different citrus colours.
how is it that i can see so vastly different things from the same place i was seated?
cliche as it may be but i thought of how aptly this described the word perspective, something many of us think we have but really, there's so much more to it we have not grasped. 

okay sorry for the sidetrack!
so upon arrival we collected our reserved 7 seater car and wow it was huge and so spacious!!
it was a chillax day and the only item on our itinerary was to rottnest island :)

not a very pleasant sounding name for an island but always, don't judge a book by its cover!
now, time to pile on the visuals ;)

my favourite part of rottnest island would be the beach/harbour area!
its really photogenic and calming to look at.
if we had more free time i would have liked to walk along the sandy beach with daniel hehe.

the weather was pretty alright that day!
temperatures throughout the trip were generally between a comfortable 10-15degrees, but it can get really chilly when there are strong winds.
for my day 1 outfit i only wore a thin knit long sleeved top, a medium thick knit cardigan, and bottoms wise just a pair of jeans. 

okay i take back the part where i said the beach/harbour is my fav part of the island!
cos i have to admit that the quokkas take the top spot!!
this, is a quokka, so cute no?:)))
its about the size of a rabbit and its the cutest thing ever!
quokkas are known to 'smile' and the moment u see it it just makes your day hehe.

tree climbing!!!
i was too unflexible in my jeans to get very far up but woah sheena and shanice can really tick this off their bucketlist!
am i the only one who's weird cos when i see such a beautiful scene like this, other than admiring it i also worry about crocodiles lurking hahahah
i am so impressed with this shot!!
cos its TAKEN BY DANIEL hahahaha
if only he takes my otds with such talent as well hahahaha

okay la this one is taken by him and it looks quite nice:)))
thank you b for being so patient with my photo requests!!

i took some for him too hehe!

one of my fav photos of the day!
the angle, the background, the arranged height dynamics!
i would like to credit the person who took this photo but honestly idk who took it hahaha

such a nice spot, of cos must take one with my daniel!! 

artistic shot of daniel heheh whose side profile so hamsum!!

we spent quite a fair bit of time feeding the quokkas as well!!
with their natural food of cos, like the leaves and branches lying around the place itself.
they're quite accustomed to humans so its really cute when they reach out their little hands and take the food from us!!
love this shot as well!!

but what really happened behind the scenes was this!
unglam leh hahahah

everyone please tell me that the shots i directed and took of daniel are artsy!!!
cos i really like the photos i took for him hahaha
my fav fav shot of the day <3
lugging a HD cam around really is worth it.

one more photo spot by the harbour before we head back to the main land:)

i remembered feeling immensely thankful on this day, for a safe flight, for perfect weather, for new experiences, for good company.
i think as i've grown older, these few years especially, i've become a much happier person.
thats largely because i started to change the way i look at things, and now i really do celebrate the littlest things in life every single day and reflect on it before i sleep at night.
sure, some things still do upset me or trouble me sometimes, but never again like it did in the past.
i'm glad for this change in my mentality, and i really hope to affect others positively with it:)

thank you friends for reading till the end, i do feel more inspired to post more after kickstarting this post today:)
so stay tuned for more posts which i promise to create with utmost sincerity!

till the next;

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