Saturday, 14 May 2016


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hello friends!
i'm back, heh. 
idk why all my posts are starting off with pictures of food nowadays hahaha
it seems like i'm always eating good food but at the same time i'm still always craving something? 
these cravings are sooo random and i don't even know how it happens lol!
i think in the past month i've whined to daniel about my cravings almost every few days :x
let me try to recall, i think i craved for croissants, tom yum soup, ikea food, thai food, macs' fries just to list a few hahaha.

but some cravings are just there like 24/7, cos its like food i never get sick of.
and one of those include... korean food! 
so glad i managed to catch up with seah over some good ol korean food. (YAY)
truly "good food good company" hehe. 

some of my favs include toppokki and army stew!
we had these yummies at korean tapas bar, in serangoon gardens.

this is the korean version of "tau sa piah", its like a sweet fried pancake!
this one came with cinnamon and nuts so it was quite fragrant, and i love the black sesame at the side!

thank you seah for taking my otd for me again!
one of the most patient friends i have when it comes to photography hehe.

love the cool grey-silver babylights here, esp in this photo!

colour of this photo isn't true, it turned out too saturated so i had to layer some filters over!

spot the hidden mickey? hehe

outfit deets:
top from carousell
skirt from hvv
satchel from bershka
shoes from c&k

its the hols now and looking back at this post, i really miss sylvia!
been going out with various friends recently but there still something missing without her around.
but i guess this is how things have to be, so for now it'll just be skype sessions!

catch me on dayre or instagram (@etherealpeonies) for more frequent updates!

till the next;

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