Saturday, 16 January 2016


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im back to share a lookbook photoshoot i modelled for:)
this brand shouldn't be unfamiliar to you guys as i've been modelling for them for quite some time now (when my schedule permits that is!)

this time we worked on an accessory shoot and it was quite different i must say!
enjoy the visuals!

my pick for this collection will be the simple but really pretty seashell necklace in the second last photo!
its really dainty and simple but still beautiful.
not sure if you guys can see it clearly but it has a shiny shell base and a pearl in the middle of it.
the turquoise pieces are also pretty unique, it'll be more of statement pieces i would say, as compared to the seashell necklace which is a classic to me.

shop this collection now at Pyzis.


other than accessories, this is the period of time when everyone's frantically looking for cny clothes right? (me included!!)
so i thought i'd share some of my picks from zalora, where i ended up getting my cny outfits from:)
this is non sponsored btw, i was just panicking that day over cny outfits then i decided to give zalora a go and whoaaaa i was so impressed by their huge selections!!
managed to score my cny outfits at one go hehe!

okay i'll admit i got sidetracked halfway while shopping for cny clothes haha, ended up buying stuff for daily wear to school too!
my favourite sandals from the editors market was peeling already after much turmoil from the rain :(
so its time to look for a replacement!
i liked these 2 below!
it helped that the prices are so friendly as well!:)
ps/ got additional 15% off the prices somemore cos i got a zalora code remember!! share it again with u guys later:)

end up i chose this one below!!
its like a dupe for birkenstock's rio, a design that i've been eyeing for the longest time ever but didn't bear to get cos it was aboutt $150sgd?! :(
so u can imagine i was super elated to see this!!
the design is practically the same hehe.

oh this was my second pick!!
i have too many white shoes but omg, cannot resist?!
gonna cart this out together with my mum after she decides on her zalora loots :)

and this omg.
L O V E.
topshop shoes are usually super pricey, like $100 and up so i was really surprised and delighted to see this at a rly good price?!
and the design is just perfection!!
so sleek!!

after much digression i finally moved on to clothes haha.
ok actually, still digressing, cos i looked at casual clothes i could wear to school lol!
these were a few!!
ribbed top at $17.90 before discount? G E T.

these below aren't really for my age (yet), but i thought it'd be nice to share that zalora has alot of workwear clothes also??
and at very affordable prices!!
usually ladies in the office would shop at like, say, G2000, or like dorothy perkins etc, which isn't the most pocket friendly sometimes.
so this is a really good alternative!:)

these are pretty yet suitable for officewear too!!

and of course, for people my age, there's A L O T of choices!
i was totally aiming for this bralet top, the cut and print so nice hehe.
and after discount its like less than $20 :o

these were nice too!!
so many temptations haha

and yes, finally after digression, i moved on to something abit dressier for cny!!:)
i liked both these dresses!
the coral tangerine shade is so cny hahaha.
and i just can't get over stripes, soooo pretty!!
(oh if u noticed, ellysage is a local brand, these are available at their official website too but like, if buy on zalora got discount so... hehe.)

after so many years, still a sucker for floral maxis hahahaha.
but these are way too gorgeous!!

black is a favourite for alot of girls cos of its slimming effect, so i thought this would be a rather popular choice!

oh and i discovered that they got this new section called korean fashion haha.
its not bad leh, they got a mix of girlier clothes and more korean street fashion chic!
if i were still as girly as last time i'd totally go for these below haha.

but now i'd totally be eyeing these instead hehe!!

ok i hope this mini cny shopping catalogue was useful?:)
so excited for my zalora loots to arrive yay!
oh yes, and remember to use my code ZBAPQF9W for 15% off your purchase!:)

PS/ i've just joined snapchat so add me up at @etherealpeonies to take a peek into what i do daily!
and of course, dayre for more frequent updates :)

till the next;

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