Friday, 1 January 2016


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i'm back with another hair post!!
your monthly dose of hair news hehe.

i visited headlines again a day before jetting off to spain to get my hair prepped for the trip!
this time i did the scalp treatment and the mucota treatment for hair.
details of both treatments can be found here cos i did the same combo last time!:)
its important to do a scalp treatment from time to time (once a month at least) because if you don't treat your scalp with care, you can't get healthy hair!
its always a good time in the salon, chatting with nic makes time pass by quickly:)
after 2 hours, voila, fabulous hair hehe!
 photos from this post are all taken using my new baby, the canon g7x!
kindly recommended by D's (and my) friend jasper!:)
as much as i love my sony nex f3, sometimes the colour is rly off (like orangey-yellowish) and i cant stand those tones, so i got this cam for when those problems occur!
this cam is also alot more compact and photo quality is up to standard, so its definitely a good buy to me!!
if you guys are keen to know more details abt this cam, don't hesitate to ask me on!:)
 nic also asked me if i wanted to change my highlight colours to grey becos previously i couldn't decide between grey or blonde highlights!
apparently a new shade of grey just came in and its awesome!!:)
but i told him i love my current hair colour so much i want to keep it for a few more months before going for grey highlights (which are damn dope btw!)
if you want super nice and blended in highlights like mine, do ask for nic at headlines cos his hair colouring techniques are so so good!
nic told me a few of you have been asking for me exact same hair colour at headlines so i hope you guys like it as much as i do yes?:)

super chio hand blown curls!
no need for hair curling tongs hehe.

please remember to ask for nic as your stylist because he's so skilled and awesome :)

Remember to quote "Felicia Tham" to enjoy 10-15% off at headlines!;)

headlines hairdressing is located at:
 China Square Central, 18 Cross Street, #01-15.
5 mins walk from Chinatown MRT.

their opening hours are:
Monday to Friday (except Wednesday) - 10.30am to 9pm. 
Saturday - 10.30am to 7pm. Sunday - 10.30am to 5pm.

call 6221 6866 to book your appointment!:)

for the list of services available at headlines, click here.

 after my hair appt i met up with zia for early dinner and she helped me snap some photos!!:)

 act candid only hahaha

 my navy grid dress is from runwaybandits!
love the shift dress cut, its so comfy and goes easy on the tummy esp after a meal hehe.
the material is good too, it feels kinda like wool to me, gives off the expensive feel as compared to cotton hahaha.
the only thing i dislike about this dress is that the pockets are fake sobs.
like, i must have pockets in my dresses!! (sobs)

 hair on fleek yay!
look at the beautiful blend of highlights :)))

zia and i went for dinner after that!
we opted for a 15nett set meal by one of the cafes participating in this year's cafe week.
it was very worth it to us as it came with a huge portion of food and a pot of rose tea each.
we could have shared the set actually but we didn't know the portion would be so huge!

each set came with scotch eggs, beef sliders, mozzarella tuna tomatoes, a lemon tart, earl grey cake and coconut cake.
we thought the items were of good quality generally!
and my favourites were the mozzarella tomatoes and earl grey cake.
zia hates tomatoes but she actually liked this one!
the scotch eggs were pretty good too.

ending off with a selfie!!
i'm really glad to have met zia as a friend this year, even though we've been in the same school since nanyang days!
thank you for being my closest friend in fass hehe.

till the next;

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