Sunday, 10 January 2016

Spain Travelogue; Hola

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hello friends! 
as part of my 2016 stop procrastination plan, i'm gonna be hardworking in churning out blogposts too! 
usually my travel posts takes ages to appear so this is considered pretty fast alr yes? hehe.

i went to spain in december with my family, we were there for about 11 days and managed to cover quite alot of cities!
the first city we explored was barcelona.
i'll let you guys enjoy the visuals and i'll add in some texts here and there when i remember something interesting about the specific places:)

outfit details:
maroon scarf from h&m
brown wool coat from hervelvetvase
grey dress from taobao
vintage leather belt passed down from my mum

ps/im selling away loads of my winter clothes to make space for spring/summer so if you guys are interested in any item i'm wearing in my travelogues feel free to drop me an email at to see if i'm letting it go!:)

sagrada familia;
 a gorgeous, huge cathedral that will take a total of a hundred years or so to finish building.
i loved the sleek, smooth marble, spiral staircases, bright mosaic glass windows and the dome shaped ceilings.

a local food market we had our lunch at.
interjecting here for a spain travel tip:
always beware of pickpockets, its really really common here and the pick-pocketers are beyond skilled.
my brother's friend got his handphone stolen while he wasn't paying attention for just mere seconds,thats how serious it is!
so yes, always hold bags and purses or valuables in front of you, not in a bagpack etc. 

if you look closely these columns are very tilted, some people who has ocd probably wouldn't like it that much, but to the rest its considered art.
this park we visited had many works created by gaudi, one of spain's most famous artists.

it was so weird seeing palm trees in spain!
they're imported from sunnier countries, but i wonder why the spanish likes them haha.

the building behind really reminds me of a gingerbread house, i guess i was a tad bit hungry by then!

when received questions like "what is your favourite part of spain?"
i'd undoubtedly answer "the architectural designs".
i love their houses, their churches, their tiles even!
its all so intricate and beautiful, full of artistic, historical and cultural stories.

oh by the way if you were wondering why i'm not wearing stockings/leggings, thats cos the weather is spain is generally refreshingly cool but not cold per se. 
some areas are colder than the rest but generally the temperature is between 9-15 degrees, the lowest was 5 degrees ad highest temperature was around 23 degrees, just a tad bit cooler than singapore's weather!

dinner was along the bays.
there was a gorgeous citrus pink, orange sunset, blended into the skies like a yummy candy floss. 
i loved the fairy lights, it makes things a tad more dreamy.

that's the end of day 1's travelogue!
hope you guys enjoyed the visuals:)
photos are taken using my dad's canon eos but mostly using my sony nex F3.

for behind the scenes of my spain trip, i've actually posted them on dayre, so feel free to catch my daily updates there!
or instagram @etherealpeonies.

till the next;

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