Saturday, 13 June 2015

Earth Child

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hello!! i'm here to share some visuals again from the photoshoot with pyzis.
its all about nature this time, so there's alot of nature inspired prints and some bohemian pieces!

personally my top picks for this collection would be the bohemian pleated dress (second last from bottom) and the tropicana romper (third last from bottom).

the bohemian dress is a light, breezy piece. 
i would pair it with a sunhat or a camel sling for that effortless boho girl look.

as for the tropicana romper, it requires minimal accessorizing as the prints are already the focal point. 
it features a small v cut at the neckline as well, bonus points for little details like this!

the other pieces are very wearable and easy to pair as well. 

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