Friday, 19 June 2015


// p r e //

got a bad hair day but still took some selfies cos i'm wearing a new lip colour today!
its a berry shade from mamonde, which i got during my korea trip!

although its supposed to be a berry wine shade, it slightly leans towards red and not entirely the dark, berry colour.
colour true to this picture below:
colour also true to this picture below:
(PS/ necklace is from lacepipe)

// m a i n //

met up with nics for brunch to celebrate her bday! 
this poor girl's bday is during the hols, which means it gets easily missed out!
but being a good bff, i always remember to celebrate with her hehe ;)

anyways we decided on SPRMKT cos their online reviews were pretty good!
but... we took like 45 mins to find it cos we totally went in the wrong direction -_-
really can't read maps for nuts sobs...
anyways, moral of story is to check up on directions beforehand lol.
a must order is their truffle fries as stated by online reviews!
i thought it was alright, but there are definitely better ones out there, my fav is still from Stranger's Reunion:)
they are very generous with their portions though!

we also got an eggs benny, which was not bad but not out of the world you get what i mean?

and lastly, the bangers and mash, which is basically sausage and mashed potato.
i really liked the mash potato!:)
the sausages come in either pork or beef btw!

and if you're wondering what "SPRMRKT" means, its actually just supermarket, minus the vowels.
its name is quite apt, cos other than serving brunch food, they sell groceries too, like fresh fruits and veggies and all these ceramic ware as you can see! 
also, they use the fresh produce in their store in their brunch food:)
on a random note i liked that we got number 18 as our number!
cos my bday falls on the 18 and my index number in primary school was 18 heh.
this is how sprmrkt's front door look like!
look out for this if you want to go there for brunch, don't end up lost like us haha!

nics took some otds for me which turned out really nice!

top from tvd
skirt from lacepipe
bag from australia 
necklace from lacepipe

bow on my back <3

i took some otds for nics too!!
all my friends always they look and feel v awks when i take otd for them haha!
like i always say, if you don't feel awks, you won't look awks in the pictures :)
some selfies!
us in our natural silly state :x
(u see we have like what, 1 glam shot and the rest is....hahahaha)
and then we found some swings near the mrt!!
deja vu much omg, cos nanyang used to have these swings!
much feels :') 
anyway this nics is giving me the judging look but believe me she was having as much fun as i did hahaha
it started raining after like 15mins so we had to find a new spot to chill ._.
well but there's always room for dessert right!!
especially when its rainbow cake yayyyy
and not just any rainbow cake, its dean and deluca's, my fav!

we also had a caramel macchiato:)
i'd recommend this combi cos the slight bitterness of the macchiato is really refreshing after gobbling down the sweet cake!

till the next;

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