Friday, 5 September 2014


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Random braid day; 
because my hair is curly when i casually do a loose braid it stays in place without hair ties hehe. 

Attempted the korean gradient lips today too! 
Its quite a no brainer haha, easier than applying normal lip colours in my opinion:)
I used Laneige's Water Drop Liptint in Mauve Pink for this look~

Super casual look for a casual day out!

Reflective sunnies are from a random shop in FEP!

Finally got the chance to wear out this floral kimono!:) My fav one so far hehe. 
Outfit details in the later part of this post:)

upclose of florals!

Went for brunch at Five and Dimer with nikks but it was a public holiday and the place was insanely crowded >< So we were on the waitlist for an hour and half... But being real foodies we decided to wait and in the meantime, we explored the area around and took ootds!

Loved the bright blue of this garage! (no monday blues, literally haha)

Pardon the small sleepy eyes (from the both of us haha!) 
I only had 3 hours of sleep the night before zzz

It was really nice exploring the area despite the heat cos i haven't seen this rustic side of Singapore in awhile!
This was some old "singapore association club"(?) of the older times which i think translates to our community centres today haha.

Really digging the lilac x pink walls!

alright, details of the full outfit!

Basic Crop Top from TTR
Floral Chiffon Kimono from The Editor's Market
Crochet Hem Denim from ZARA
Black Leatherette Buckle Boots from The Editor's Market
Satchel (pictured above) from Quirkytraits

Review(Floral Kimono): I got this from the Orchard Central outlet but it was available at the Cineleisure outlet as well. It was some time ago though so im not sure if its still available at either outlets! Anyways, its made of super duper light and breezy chiffon, like literally one of the thinnest and lightest i've ever seen, which is really good for out scorching hot weather! Layering is often torturous in spore(esp under the hot sun) but because this is so thin it wasn't too bad! It feels silky to the touch as well:) Other than the material, the main reason why i got it was of course, for the floral prints! I have a few floral kimonos so far and this has to be my fav (or tied with my willowfawn one cos i love that too). The florals are a combination of peony pink and peachy pink in a watercolour effect for a soft look, absolutely gorgeous ;) Also when i go to editor's market, i either get 6 pcs or none because it really isn't worth it unless u get the 6 pc price, so going with a friend will be good:)

PS/ there's a story behind this pic haha! If you're following me on instagram @etherealpeonies you'd know about it XD Im too embarrassed to post about it here hahaha!

Oh and a lot of times, i get more (if not equal) amount of enquiries for the shoes in my outfit posts cos i always forget to do reviews on them! (sorry, i'll try to take note of that kay><) 

This pair, is drop dead gorgeous (<3). I have a similar one from WAR/Supergurl already but this one has buckles and the design is so classy and sleek! I have tried on a fair share of black boots of this kind before and i'm not kidding when i say that the chunky heels type definitely aren't as flattering as these which are sleeker in comparison. However that being said, those who have broad feet probably will have some problems fitting into this cos the width is quite small! Im lucky i managed to fit it hehe. 

Next, for the material, its made of super soft faux leather, which makes it easy to slip in rather than the stiff kind which is so hard to wear! Plus this didn't give me blisters at all which is super rare:) 

Lastly, comfort level! For the height of this (i think its about 3.5 inch or so), its really comfy:)) I wore it out for 4 hours and albeit a bit sore, for its height and duration of walking i would say it fares quite well:) 
So yes you guys prob can tell i love this pair alot so yall will see it more in my other outfit posts hehe. 

After taking loads of pics and melting under the hot sun they finally called us to tell us that our table is ready! -cries tears of joy-

And so we feast!!:))

Here's what we got!

Waffles with Fruits and Double Scoop Ice-Cream
Iced Matcha Latte

As mentioned above, the weather was super scorching hot that day so we decided an ice matcha latte and ice cream with waffles would be good!:) Both were yums! The latte is really similar to Starbuck's in my opinion, and thats the drink i always order from them so i liked this version too:) The waffles were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside! Paired with maple syrup, creamy vanilla ice cream and fresh fruits it was just heavenly hehe.

Mentaiko Pasta

This is definitely a must order cos its their signature dish ;) And yes it does not disappoint!:) I'm the biggest pasta lover in the worldddd and this hit all the right spots:) The pasta itself was al-dente, which means it retains the chewy, "QQ" texture without being too hard. The unique part of this dish is definitely the mentaiko  and its sauce tho:) Super rich and flavourful, two thumbs up!! I'll go back and wait an hour just for this hehe. Its slightly on the creamy side though, so its good for sharing:) And non seafood lovers may not take to it well cos it might be considered an acquired taste, though in my opinion its fabulous hahaha:)

Chocolate Lava Cake with Custard

We got this for dessert cos it has salted egg yolk custard (my fav!!) but i have to say i didn't really like this much :x I love my liu sha baos but this just didn't make the cut for me?.. The idea of infusing chocolate and custard is unique, but taste wise its a let down. I felt the lava cake was really dry and crumbly and the oozy custard did little to save the texture. Plus the custard just didn't have the fragrance and taste like those in liu sha baos :x im sticking to my liu sha bao next time haha!

Alright im out of pics!:)
Till the next;

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