Tuesday, 30 September 2014

20 Facts

Did this 20 facts thing on instagram (@etherealpeonies) some time back!
Thought i'd post it here for the non instagrammers hehe.

 1. i have dual citizenship (msia+spore) 
2. you can bribe me with food cos im a real foodie at heart, theres very little i dont eat 
3. except steak cos i cant chew em 
4. mint is my fav colour 
5. my name was supposed to be 雪婷 
6. my fav flower isnt the peony, i just like the sound of it. 
7. im a hardcore mugger, i feel uneasy when i dont mug even for a day (omg i have no life
8. i love my stuffed dog more than anything in the world 
9. people used to think i was korean when i had bangs 
10. close friends call me chee 
11. i hate big crowds, i get very awkward and shy 
12. im not dao, i just stone alot
13. i look horrible with specs hahaha 
14. my dream is to live in the countryside
15. i keep unglam photos of my friends hahaha (coughs -sylvia-) 
16. believe it or not i used to be sporty, won a medal at sports day before (omg life achievement) 
17. one of my talents has to be sleeping i swear. i fell asleep while eating ramen once tanks. 
18. my handwriting is really ugly for a girl 
19. pet peeve: cannot stand ppl coughing/sneezing w/o covering their mouth>< 
20. i actually like econs 

okay im gonna try to get my blogging mojo back! 
Right after i get my iphone 6 which is taking ages to arrive...
Wasn't planning to get a new phone but my iphone 4S just suddenly died out of nowhere?! Its a conspiracy i swear... T.T 

Till the next;

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