Friday, 19 September 2014

Turquoise Swirls

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Day out with nikks.

That Curly Hem Embroidery Dress in Tiffany, S, from MGG
Bag from C&K
Shoes from Pedro

Review(MGG): As usual, MGG does not disappoint:) This dress is made of super good material and workmanship. To make it simpler, my three fav things about this dress will be its colour, embroidery at the upper half and the subtle semi-structured swirls at the bottom hems:) Colour isn't true to my pics above/ mgg's due to studio lighting. In real life its darker, but still a gorgeous, unique shade of blue-green, more towards the green side i would say. It does look outstanding in pictures though doesn't it?:) The upper half is made of stiff, sturdy polyester mix while the flowy bottom half is made of chiffon. The only bad thing about this dress would be that the zip tends to get stuck at the transition between the chiffon part and the stiffer part sometimes.Overall for a dress like this with high quality workmanship, material and design, Topshop will charge like hundreds over so since MGG is selling it at a fraction of the price, i would say its definitely worth it ;) On a side note im not sure if its justifiable for me to keep it cos i'm not sure if i'll wear it out again anytime soon, since i have to wear out my other unworn clothes first T.T But then again its so pretty...>< Anyways, if anyone is keen still do drop me an email at!:) 

We decided on brunch at Group Therapy, i'm sure its not a new name since its one of the older cafes:)

Here's what we got!

Eggs Florentine

Im not sure if its cos i was sick (flu) at the moment, the food didn't taste especially yums to me nor leave a lasting impression :x To be fair its still not bad! They were quite generous with the eggs florentine, as you can see the hollandaise sauce is literally overflowing! The brioche/toast is super thick too, so its really quite filling. I would say its good for sharing cos the thickness of the sauce paired with the salmon (which was abit salty imo) = gelat after awhile. 

In comparison the ravioli is on the lighter side, with the tangy tomato sauce being flavourful without being overwhelming. I loved the texture of the pasta, its slightly chewy, the way i like it :))

Nikks ordered the Almond Latte as well but she said she couldn't really taste the fragrance of the almond, maybe its cos we were both down with flu/cough! :/ 

But on a side note, Group Therapy is a really nice and cozy with warm lighting, which create a fuzzy, vintage ambience. A very nice chillout/hangout place :)

Not to mention the deco was so vintage and pretty!!

Group Therapy is along Duxton Road/ Duxton Hill area. Nearest mrt is Tiong Bahru, which requires a 10 mins walk.
We went exploring aft tht hehe. The shophouses along this older part of spore are so pretty:))

Then we found a nice blue/white background with superb lighting.. which means... photos! XD
Alot of silly ones though, hehe.

Headed down to town aft to do some shopping!! Nikks if you're reading this you're my fav shopping buddy hahahaha <3 

And guess who i saw at Orchard Central? ^_^

The fluffiest pink llama ever hahaha! Took this pic so i can send it to seah (who is more commonly known as llama hehe. The nickname just stuck since secondary school ;)

Till the next;

PS/ sorry for the lack of updates! Its prelims period zzz... will update more when its over!

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