Friday, 3 October 2014


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one of the "messy hair don't care" kinda days ;)

 Looking thr this post, i'd have to say i kinda miss my long hair T.T Cut off like 3/4 inches two weeks ago at salon vim cos the split ends were driving me nuts ><

Casual OTD for JTS(junior treat senior)! 
TY nikks for taking these shots for me while we were waiting for the bus hehe.

Top from Flauntcc
Skirt from The Editor's Market
Satchel from Quirkytraits

Review(TEM Skirt): This super pretty skirt caught my eye the moment i walked into TEM at their orchard central outlet:) Its has really gorgeous white paisley prints on a mid blue canvas, colour isn't quite true to above pictures cos i had to edit it brighter as it was taken in the evening! I would say its probably two tones darker than the upclose pic:) The prints aren't the printed on kind so it won't fade after a few washes, its more of the already embedded in the fabric kind:) The material is a really vintage cotton, textured and slightly rough. Fit wise its suits me really well cos its elasticized at the waist plus the length is just nice:) I would say for those UK8 and up it might be a bit small/tight tho, even though its elasticized. Overall a really worth it purchase! I'm super into printed stuff lately cos i have tons on white tops of all sorts of material/design and they go so well with printed bottoms ^^ 

Moving on..good lighting calls for selfies as usual hehe!

& then we took these sad/grumpy pics and sent it to tiah cos she was late and made us wait haha! 
"why you no here yet -gives evil eye-"
& then we're back to our silly selves XD

sng: "nooooo i hate picturesssss" XD

That look on chelsea's face hahaha too cute!!
Ele pulling a sng haha XD "Nooooo picturessss"

omg achievement! 
ele and sng in one pic tgt hahaha! & sng is actually smiling?!
nah it was short lived XD

yiyang's flexibility puts me to shame hahaha, those years of ballet gone to waste tsk, i'm as stiff a rock nowadays -_-
juniors too cute!

And finally... a group photo:)
13S74 x 14S74
Thank you juniors for the food!! It was yums ;)

Till the next;

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